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Prostate Health

A 4-week pilot study of middle-aged men with moderate to severe symptoms of BPH found that equol (6 mg taken twice per day) produced positive results after 2 weeks, reaching statistically significant reductions in BPH symptoms by the end of the study, according to International Prostate Symptom Scores (IPSS) indicators. In men with moderate BPH symptoms, 5 out of 7 IPSS criteria significantly improved after 4 weeks of equol supplementation. In those with sever symptoms, significant improvement was achieved in all 7 IPSS criteria and DHT levels decreased by 21%. Equol's results were comparable to current pharmaceutical treatments for BPH, without the numerous side-effects associated with such medications (i.e. dizziness, diarrhea, headache, nasal congestion, orthostatic hypotension (a form of low blood pressure that occurs upon standing up from a seated or lying down position), reduced libido, and erectile dysfunction).*

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Building Happy Family Relationships

Moving Your Family From Frustration & Aggravation to Joy & Connection

Barbara Hribar is a parent coach who has a calling to support parents (of any age) who are feeling frustrated, confused, lost or alone… and are ready for change. Gain Positive Relationships through understanding the power of the conscious brain, resulting in less stress, better communication and ability to solve problems.

Location: In-Person Meeting at Unity of Medina, Williams on the Lake, 787 Lafayette Road, Building D, Medina OH 44256

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Your free will offering supports Conscious Parenting in North East Ohio

Ongoing Sessions:

Indigo Biofeedback - Discover and address your specific stressors through your Indigo Biofeedback appointment. Our clients are truly giving rave reviews to their sessions with Patrice Shawhan as they can take a proactive approach supporting their bodies by identifying areas of need and providing a more perfect environment to thrive. You will get results and you will be very pleased!

Brunswick in-person openings are on Mondays. For more information and/or to make your appointment, call Patrice at 440-477-3414. Sessions do fill quickly. Let her know that you saw this opportunity in our newsletter!

As always, feel free to call Barb directly at 216-409-4906 for more information.

Be Well!

Barbara, Christine, Kim

* Lephart, E.D. "Severe & moderate BPH Symptoms in Mid-Aged Men Improve with Isofavonoid-Equol Treatment: Pilot Intervention Study." Open Journal of Urology; 2013, 3:21-27

* "Review: Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Aging Properties of Equol in Prostate Health (BPH)." Open Journal of Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases; 2014, 4:1-12

* Garg, M., et. al. "Selective estrogen receptor modulators for BPH: new factors on the ground." Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases; 2013, 16(3):226-232.

* Park, Y.W., Lee, J.H. "Correlation between the visual prostate symptom score and international prostate symptom score in patients with lower urinary tract symptoms." International Neurourology Journal; 2014, 18(1):37-41.


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