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"I learned how to look at a situation from a child's point of view. I learned to take my emotions out of the situation and not get upset. However, if I do it's OK to verbalize my feelings appropriately." ~ Holly

"I realize that the language we use with our children is so important, as is structure, routine and connection." ~ Anonymous

"Learning about The Safe Space has literally saved both me and my children. Thank you!" ~ Anonymous

"I finally learned how our brains work as we and our children go through different emotions. This has helped so much!"  ~ Anonymous

"Barbara has been my coach for almost a year. In that time she has been consistently supportive, focused, and committed to my success. Barbara's comments are always right on and inevitably require that I look deeper into myself in order to discern my response. That kind of introspective thinking has increased my self-knowledge and my self-empowerment. I am grateful for Barbara's experience, wisdom, and genuinely caring heart."  ~ Karen D.

"I have known Barbara for almost 30 years.  She has been a mentor, my pastor, my coach and at times my second mother.  She has always been most helpful and genuine when I am having relationship challenges.  She reaches within her own experiences, her faith in scripture and the belief that "we can turn this around."  Her love of the Lord and of others shows through her bright smile, her true heart and infinite kindness."  ~ Connor

"You set a beautiful example with your experience and exuberance for life.  What better way to coach than to lead by example.  I am continually impressed with your depth of wisdom and love for sharing it.  I thank you for showing me that life is full and exciting at each fork in the road and in between."  ~ Julie, co-student at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts


"I love this [blog] and LOVE Barbara Hribar. Barb and I traveled and taught together for many years. Her advice and teachings are wise and faith based! I'm using them to reach my goals and dreams focusing on the positive. There is darkness all around us but we have to see the light above the clouds, it is glorious and beautiful!!"   ~ Deborah P.

"Barbara is committed to noticing, calling forth, trusting and nurturing natural talents inherent in those in her life. She guides the individual along a journey that directs each one back to their true self - knowing from this place their talents will blossom and their life will realize greater liberation."  ~ Rev. David Byrley

"Barbara has been an incredible mentor, trusted, solid leader, and wise friend to many of us through the years. she is highly skilled at communicating whatever she teaches, and she delivers powerful information wrapped in love, compassion and kindness. If you have the opportunity to hire her to speak, or take a class with her, you must do it! You will be so glad you did!"   ~ Jody Soland, Keynote Speaker, Singer-Songwriter 

"Rev. Barbara visited me in our home after I had surgery and I had been pretty depressed. She gave me comfort and a strong sense of well being. We prayed together in a very personal way."   ~ Pat C.

"Some clergy are skilled at spiritual leadership. Others embrace the intimacy of personal ministry. Rev. Barbara has been skilled at both."   ~ David H.

"Barbara has been a sounding board, a colleague and a teacher. She has provided prayer and encouragement during trying times. She has taught me that 'It is all good'."   ~ Linda S.

"Many times as she was speaking on a Sunday morning, she would say something that touched me so deeply. I could feel my heart and soul embrace a concept. These are truly awesome experiences."   ~ Karen M.

"My most treasured memories of Barbara are when she shows her emotions. When we had her ordination party, and she was so surprised, she began to cry, and when she tears up during some of her Sunday messages. She doesn't feel like just our minister. She feels like a treasured friend, who is also a loving teacher."   ~ Carol M.

"I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in the GRM (Grief Recovery Method) classes. [Barbara is] an excellent instructor and teacher. The expected results of resolution, forgiveness, apologies, and goodbye were definitely achieved for me. I experienced a lifting of the heavy burden of grief, and for this I am so grateful..."   ~ Eileen M.

"The combination of the GRM (Grief Recovery Method), Barbara's peaceful presence and the willingness of my co-participants truly proved to provide a powerful, eye-opening and liberating experience. The process has provided me with an understanding that will aid me with many decisions in my future."   ~ David B.

"I am grateful I was able to complete the Grief Recovery Handbook session, under [Barbara's] guidance. Than you for helping me to do some healing and clear some of my grief issues through the class. Here's to some new beginnings with more clarity and courage, to go forward in the spiritually highest and best way." ~ Ellen

"I was shocked at the huge job that parenting is! The guidance that Rev. Barbara provided help me to get my brain and heart around the 'job' and to find the joy in it. Conscious parenting provided me with a comprehensive approach that has improved both my life and the life of my child. It has empowered me with the self-awareness, brain information, developmental knowledge and useable skills necessary to create a safe, connected, problem-solving home."   ~ Kim S.

"All I can say is thank heavens for NSP Lavender Oil on my pulse points. It is getting me thru tax season like a breeze!"   ~ Pauline C.

"I would like to tell you about the remarkable results I have had with Equilibrium Prostate DHT Binder. Four months ago, I was experiencing eight to ten nightly trips to the bathroom. Now, however, I recently need to urinate an amazingly just two or three times a night! I did not believe such an improvement was possible. My doctor, who was very pleased, researched the product and found no reason why I shouldn't continue to take it. Thank you again for sharing this wonderful product with me."   ~ Richard H.

"I was experiencing a lot of tachycardia, especially at night when I was trying to settle down from the day.  While researching NSP products, I found Rejuvenaid and within 2 days of drinking the beverage, the symptoms ceased.  I take one dose of the powder in water and sip all day.  A miracle in itself."   ~ Paula B.C.

"One of the greatest gifts anyone can give you is the gift of BEING SEEN and HEARD! Work with Barbara and you’ll be seen for all you are - and if you allow that blessing it will activate a wider, deeper and fuller expression of the abundance that you are. I worked with Barbara. This is definitely what happened for me! It can happen for you too!"  ~Anonymous

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