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As a lifelong learner and teacher, my passion is to guide others in the skills necessary to creating positive change which will lead to a healthier, happier and more harmonious life. My years of experience and training have led me to a personalized coaching program that gently guides you to that freedom - healthy, happy and harmonious.

Healthful living means paying attention to the components of health that will create a strong, vibrant, self-healing body. With over 40 years of experience, I share information, such as whole foods, supplements, and alternative and energy therapies, to create a comprehensive plan for my client's specific needs.

Child development focuses on the interactions with children that encourage communication, connection, compassion and creativity. Understanding how the brain works is the foundation. I will show you the skills that you can use to transform some of your more uncomfortable relationships.


My approach is a soulful guidance. My coaching style recognizes that clients are unique and special and is customized to alleviate frustrations by:

  • Discovering Generational Patterns

  • Understanding How the Brain Affects Learning

  • Setting Achievable Expectations of a Healthy Happy Life

  • Getting the Results You Deserve


  • a relatable, reliable progressive leader with experience in wholistic health education and child development 

  • an inclusive professional, leading in a style that is applicable to everyday life and diversity in today's world

  • an understanding coach who has sense of humor that allows for grace, ease and unlimited success for her clients


  • Certified Parent Trainer, JAI Institute

  • Certified Positive Discipline, Jane Nelson

  • Certified Trainer & Coach, HeartMath®

  • Certified Trainer Happy for No Reason Coach, Marci Shimoff

  • Certified Life Coach, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

  • Conscious Discipline® Class Certifications, Becky Bailey, Ph.D.

  • Certified in Montessori Education

  • Certified in Enneagram, Don Richard Riso

  • Ordained Unity Minister and Licensed Unity Teacher

  • Certified Grief Recovery Method® Specialist

  • Certified Herbalist, Karen Uder

  • Certified Feng Shui, Feng Shui Institute of America

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in English, Lake Erie College

  • BA Studies in English/Speech/Education, Kent State University


  • Independent Health and Business Trainer providing outreach activities and presentations related to holistic education and Nature's Sunshine Products

  • Wholistic Life Coach providing individual and group support to parents and teachers

  • Author and Trainer of The Natural Health and Business School for Nature's Sunshine Products

  • Founding Senior Minister, Unity of Medina, providing individual and group spiritual education and events

  • Ninth Grade English Teacher, Montessori Instructor, Sunday School Teacher and Curriculum Writer

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