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Rekindling the Romantic Fire: Natural Solutions to Intimate Problems

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TYPE II DIABETES > 37 Million Americans

Type II Diabetes is the fastest growing disease epidemic in our country... and so many Americans don't know they have it. Are you on a collision course with diabetes? Take our diabetes risk inventory to find out! Are you overweight? a. Yes - More than 30 points (or tested as obese b. Yes - 20-30 pounds c. Yes - 10-20 pounds d. Yes - but within 10 pounds e. No, I'm at the ideal weight for my height and age Do you have family members with type II ("adult onset") diabetes? a. 1 immediate family member, plus any extended family b. 1 immediate family member c. 2 or more extended family members d. 1 extended family member e. None in immediate or extended family How often do you exercise vigorously? a. Never b. Rarely c. Occasionally; 1-2 times per week d. Regularly; 3-4 times per week e. Every day How often you eat carbohydrate-rich foods, including processed snack foods, fast foods, prepackaged meals, sugared drinks, candy? a. Every day b. Regularly; 3-4 times per week c. Occasionally; 1-2 times per week d. Rarely e. Never Do you suffer from any of the following: blurred vision, constant thirst, overweight, shakiness, lethargy after eating, increased urination, impotence (in men), abdominal pain or nausea, weakness, susceptibility to infection, slow healing, irregular menstruation (in women), weight loss, increased appetite, have very dry skin? a. 6 or more b. 4 or more c. 3 or more d. 2 or more e. None of the above

Scoring Your Risk for Diabetes

Using the legend below, tabulate your score. a = 2 points b = 3 points c = 5 points d = 8 points e = 10 points If you scored less than a perfect 50, you may be at risk for developing Type II Diabetes*. Type II Diabetes is the most prevalent and fastest-growing form of the disease... and the most manageable! Type II Lifestyle Diabetes is Reversible! Through improvements in diet and other lifestyle practices, as well as the use of high quality herb and other nutritional supplements, type II diabetes can be controlled so that it doesn't wreak havoc within the body, leading to a new level of health and vitality!

*Diabetes is a highly personal disease - it may be insulin-dependent type I, type II caused by a virus or genetics or lifestyle, even gestational diabetes. These types are sometimes uninfluenced by diet and lifestyle, and may require lifetime medications. The focus of this survey and brochure is type II diabetes caused (and treated) with diet and lifestyle.

Nature Holds the Answers to Type II Diabetes

Being a Type II Diabetic is not a life sentence. It can be controlled and even reversed with a variety of natural supplements that complement the body's own processes: strengthening the pancreas, reducing the impact of carbohydrates, and smoothing out the sugar peaks and valleys. In fact, many herbal remedies work so surely and so quickly, diabetics cannot take the medication as well. So if you are on medication, keep in close contact with your medical professional to monitor your progress. #1 Consume Foods that Naturally Manage Blood Sugar The glycemic index is a value assigned to foods based on how quickly and how high those foods cause increases in blood glucose levels. Foods low on the glycemic index (GI) scale tend to release glucose slowly and steadily. Foods high on the glycemic index release glucose rapidly. Preparing food that came directly from plants and/or animals is the best way to guarantee a healthy menu! #2 Increase Physical Activity Set achievable movement goals for you based on your current physical activity. Doing too much too soon can cause setbacks. Achievable goals will motivate you to do more! #3 Supplement your Foods with: Chromium (with Glucose Tolerance Factor) • Primary mineral involved in insulin production

• Enables cells to absorb glucose (blood sugar) to burn for energy

• Improves the effectiveness of insulin and its ability to monitor glucose, preventing both diabetes and hypoglycemia

Carbohydrate Reduction Combination • Reduces the negative effects of carbohydrate intake by blocking carbohydrate digestion.

• Contains an extract from the white kidney bean that inhibits amylase (a starch digesting enzyme) activity.

•This same bean is known to have been used in ancient times in the treatment of diabetes.

Pancreas Support Combination Contains 14 herbs that provide numerous health benefits, including lowering blood sugar levels. • Cedar Berries–historically know to help diabetes

• Golden Seal–found to potentiate (strengthen) insulin

• Juniper Berries–a rich source of chromium

Blood Sugar Combination Provides important trace minerals and herbs that reduce elevated blood sugar levels and improve insulin function. • Vanadium–mimics insulin and enhances insulin sensitivity

• Bitter Melon–significantly improves glucose tolerance without raising blood insulin levels

• Banaba Leaf–exerts insulin-like properties

Noni Morinda citrifolia fruit has an extensive history of use among the Polynesian people and others in the South Pacific.

• Traditional Hawaiian folk uses of Noni include diabetes, arthritis, gastric ulcers, etc.

• Noni has shown abilities to stabilize blood sugar levels.

Through improvements in diet and other lifestyle practices, as well as the use of high quality herb and other nutritional supplements, type II diabetes can be controlled so that it doesn't wreak havoc within the body, leading to a new level of health and vitality!


Read more about products listed in our newsletter: Herb Allure's NSP Master Reference J. Candy Arnold's Footprints on the Path Steven Horne's Strategies for Health For an educational consultation, feel free to contact me at 216-409-4906 or via email. I know that you know this... but I will reiterate: “I never diagnose or prescribe! I am a researcher and educator. You are responsible for making your best choices.” Thank you for your confidence. I am here to serve you as you request. ~ Barbara






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