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PMS: Learn How to Solve the Problem

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CANDIDA - Overcoming a Modern Plague

In healthy people the immune system prevents candida from overgrowing. But compromised immune function can allow candida to proliferate. It can infect every organ and tissue in the body and cause virtually every know symptom ranging from thrush and itching to poor memory, joint pain, and cravings for sugar, grains, alcohol, cheese, mushrooms. Unfortunately, there is no easy or convincing diagnostic test that will definitively tell you whether you have candida overgrowth... and antifungal drugs are notoriously inadequate in controlling candidiasis. If you appear to have candidiasis from your symptoms, following this 7-Step protocol is a simple natural approach:

  1. Eat a menu that starves the yeast... avoid refined sugar and flour.

  2. Keep an acid/alkaline balance... this means consuming lots of leafy greens and other vegetables. Adding Ultimate GreenZone powder or capsules will also help.

  3. Use probiotics... Lactobacillus rhamnosus and lactobacillus acidophilus, found in Probiotic Eleven, have the ability to fight Candida.

  4. Supplement with herbs and other nutrients. The easiest way is to use Candida Clear, which includes many of these helpful ingredients: Pau D'Arco (capsules, extract, tea, lotion), Caprylic Acid, Elecampane Root, Black Walnut (capsules, extract), Red Raspberry, Echinacea (capsules, extract), Garlic, Oregano (oil), Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin D3.

  5. Incorporate lifestyle habits to support immune function: getting enough sleep, maintaining a positive attitude and enjoying the detoxification benefits of a sauna.

  6. Clear out the yeast as it dies off... be sure your bowels are moving! Get extra waterand extra fiber from Loclo, Everybody's Fiber, Lower Bowel Stimulator (formerly LBS-II), or Gentle Move.

  7. Repair the leaky gut with Intestinal Soothe & Build, L-Glutamine, Slippery Elm(powder, capsules), Marshmallow, Licorice Root (capsules, extract), Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice

Through improvements in diet and other lifestyle practices, as well as the use of high quality herb and other nutritional supplements, candidiasis can be controlled so that it doesn't wreak havoc within the body, leading to a new level of health and vitality!

FLASH-EASE Follow-up

We are all created a bit different... and sometimes a remedy that works for one does not work for another. After last month's newsletter on the relief received from Flash-Ease, another customer wrote and said that it didn't work for her, but instead uses this protocol: "I do Evening Primrose, Black Cohosh, Red Raspberry, Psyllium, and Flax Seed. It works! Only repeat Evening Primrose and Black Cohosh at night, rest is just in morning. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate!!"


Read more about products listed in our newsletter: Herb Allure's NSP Master Reference J. Candy Arnold's Footprints on the Path Steven Horne's Strategies for Health For an educational consultation, feel free to contact me at 216-409-4906 or via email. I know that you know this... but I will reiterate: “I never diagnose or prescribe! I am a researcher and educator. You are responsible for making your best choices.” Thank you for your confidence. I am here to serve you as you request. ~ Barbara






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