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Optimize Your Health with Trace Mineral Deficiencies - Sunshine Sharing

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Narrow Your Focus

Take Steven Horne's Body System's Questionnaire to find out which body systems need improvement and a quick summary on what products are available to help improve the function of those body systems. Simply click each bubble next to a symptom that you are experiencing. After submitting, your results will appear on the screen.

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Cover Your Bases

Herbal Trace Minerals is a general herbal nutritional supplement - an all-herbal multi-vitamin/mineral supplement - designed to enhance digestion and absorption of nutrients and support the body's detoxifying and eliminative processes. It contains a blend of herbs (Alfalfa, Dandelion, Kelp)that promote circulation, lower blood pressure, rescue inflammation, strengthen kidney function, stimulate production of digestive fluids, balance intestinal flora, and provide a mild laxative effect to ensure normal bowel function. It is recommended for anemia, anorexia, arthritis, constipation, dyspepsia, gout, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, liver problems, loss of appetite, poor digestion and assimilation, rheumatism, swollen glands and urinary dysfunction. Herbal Trace Minerals is also beneficial during pregnancy and breast-feeding or convalescence.

Excerpt from Herb Allure NSP Master Reference, Laura Clement, BA, CNHP

*This is also an excellent supplement for animals =^.^= ! Mix it with their food.


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