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Topics: Thriving in a Toxic World & Quantum BioFeedBack

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Quantum BioFeedBack

Are You Ready To Start Feeling Better? A series of Quantum Biofeedback sessions may be an important tool in regaining your health, emotional balance, and pain reduction. Biofeedback sessions have been proven to be effective in improving anxiety, depression and managing ongoing physical problems like chronic and acute pain.

Basically, it teaches you about your mental and physical responses and enables your body to reeducate what is not in balance and help you to return to your optimal healthy state.

Quantum Biofeedback can serve as a useful technique to deal with tension, anxiety and pain by eliminating the most common factor in any health problem, chronic stress. When those root issues begin to shift during care, your body starts to reorganize so it can adapt to and recover from stress quicker.

Quantum Biofeedback is holistic, gentle and effective for people of any age or physical condition, from toddlers through nonagenarians. Quantum Biofeedback is ideal care for entire families, so that each person can function at their best.

Patrice Shawhan has been a practicing Quantum Biofeedback Specialist since 2014. Patrice believes that lifestyle plays a very important role in determining health and she takes the time during your first visit to understand what is going on in your life to better map a course of recovery as well as help educate you on ways to improves your health by optimizing lifestyle habits.

Patrice is honored when people choose to work with her—knowing that her clients are looking for results they've never gotten before, and she is committed to being and doing her best for every person she works with.


At several client requests based on their previous successes, Patrice will be returning to Brunswick to offer her services beginning in June. If you are interested, or would like more information, please contact Patrice directly at 440-477-3414 or visit her website at

Reference Materials

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