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Let Your Blood Flow - Agglutination, Blood Clots, and Varicose Veins

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2022 08 Let-Your-Blood-Flow Clots Agglutination Varicose Veins Vol 33 No 07
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Dandelion has a long history of use in the treatment of hepatobiliary (relating to the liver and gallbladder) disorders, digestive and gastrointestinal complaints, and to stimulate diuresis (discharge of urine). Both animal and human studies have show that dandelion root enhances bile flow, which helps improve conditions such as bile duct inflammation, gallstones, hepatitis, jaundice and liver congestion. The root's high choline content may also be a contributing factor to dandelion's ability to function as a liver tonic. Dandelion is not recommended if there is obstruction of bile ducts, gallbladder empyema (pus in the gallbladder), or ileus (intestinal obstruction), and individuals with gallstones should consult their health care practitioner. Read more about Dandelion in Herb Allure's NSP Master Reference.

NSP Products containing Dandelion Root:

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