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Healing the Heart with Nature's Best Remedies

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Conclusive findings show that low fiber intake is directly related to colon disease and colon cancer, as well as coronary heart disease, diabetes mellitus, obesity and various other ailments linked to the typically low fiber-high animal fat Western diet. In fact, Western Europe and English-speaking countries have the highest rates of colorectal cancer in the world.

During the last 25 years, hundreds of studies, involving tens of thousands of subjects, have proven that a daily intake of 25-35 grams of dietary fiber can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. In addition, dietary fiber plays a key role in controlling cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and provides dietary bulk for both preventing constipation and relieving diarrhea. Dietary fiber also absorbs toxins and unabsorbed fats in the bowel and eliminates them.

Loclo's flavor is apple cinnamon and is sweetened with a bit of stevia. Usually Kim and Barbara can tell that a product includes stevia by the flavor. It doesn't bother most people, but it's not pleasing to us. We typically avoid those products.

"Loclo does not have that weird stevia flavor to me, thank goodness, because I add it to my routine regularly and appreciate the results... the steady blood sugar, easy elimination, and regular cholesterol levels!" ~ Kim

Read more about Loclo and its ingredients in Herb Allure's NSP Master Reference.

As always, feel free to call Barbara directly at 216-409-4906 for more information or a consultation to move forward on your health journey.

Be well!

Barbara, Christine, Kim


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