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Cold & Flu Sunshine Sharing

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Happy New Year from Us at Youthful Living!

As we ring in a New Year, let us anticipate a year with bountiful health, nourishing relationships, and peace in our corner of the world and beyond. We are grateful for you, our customers, for your continued patronage and trust in our knowledge to move you forward on your individual journey. We continue to research and share the best with you!

Elderberry D3fense - Keep Your Immune System Primed!

Excerpt from Herb Allure: NSP Master Reference. For full article and references, please reply to this email. To purchase your own Master Reference, visit

Elderberry D3fense contains nutrients that have been shown to support immune function and inhibit bacterial and viral infections such as colds and influenza. Elderberry D3fense contains: D3, Elderberry, Echinacea, Willow Bark, Royal Jelly and Olive Leaf.

It would be wise to check your D levels through a blood test and be sure they are at an optimal level throughout the winter months; 60ng/mL or above is critical for keeping your immune system primed for what may come your way, as is recommended by many of the leading edge doctors.

In an article written by the Cleveland Clinic, it states that 42% of Americans are Vitamin D deficient. Their reference is below 20ng/mL! They continue to state that "normal" vitamin D levels are usually between 20-80ng/ml. Of course do your research and pay attention to your body...

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Be well!

Barbara, Christine, Kim

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