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Peace - Every Day - No Matter What!

With an awareness of all the stress, that you hear, see or feel, is there a way to feel and to be peace in your world? My readers are important to me, and I especially enjoy receiving feedback as to your thoughts, as I offer a perspective on various topics in each blog. Today I’m wondering if you are aligned with any or all of the following thoughts. I’m also wondering if you think that these thoughts, if put into practical application on a daily basis would offer you and an opportunity for greater peace in your life.

There is only Presence and Power within each one of us and yet at the same time is above, beyond and all around us. Kids might put it this way, “There is no spot where God is not.”

We each can feel and experience the Reality of that Presence and Power when we set time each day to breath peace, imagining that breath in and out of our heart space. Silence with only the intention to breath and to feel peace is the first simple but disciplined step. Then, of course, we all must step back into our world to do whatever is ours to do. This heart breathing is not an escape method, but rather a technique to help us meet the challenges of life in a peaceful way. With a conscious intention and commitment to recognize that Presence and Power within ourselves and all others, we can be that great Light of Peace, no matter where we go.

As for me, I must set one or more times each day to make an appointment with this Presence and Power! It may be 5 minutes or it might be 20 minutes. But my experience is that I feel peaceful, refreshed and a bit smarter! :) That always helps my day.

And you?

Blessings of Peace in Your World,


P.S. I do wish to hear from you! Contact me here!

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