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Supporting You on Your Path of Wellness

The path of wellness is an on-going journey. While that journey holds an aspect of mystery, I believe, that our journey is meant to be one of positivity, supportiveness and success. Having recently been faced with my own mystery on the journey, I have not only learned much, but I am continuing to learn much more. 

My mission in life from the age is six has been to share what I have learned. I will continue to do that.  I am doing it now by offering you an opportunity to attend free webinars. These webinars will allow you to discern how you will approach your path of wellness in greater depth. It is you who will come to a knowing what your next successful steps can be.

Together we will be looking at your domains of resilience and flexibility. I will share with you the connection of the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental wellness domains. The  physical gives us endurance and strength and exuberance. The emotional gives us self regulation and a positive outlook. The spiritual gives us values acceptance,kindness and love. The mental gives us attention, focus and clarity.  When we bring those Domains  together, we find a coherence, a unity and harmony that aligns us with our hearts desires and our creator who implanted those desires within us. I invite you to join me with an open heart and mind, as we travel together successfully this path of wellness. Read more about my upcoming free classes here!

Supporting you on your path,


Barbara Hribar


Heart Math

Certified Coach & Trainer


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