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Stress-Free Parenting: Relief is on the Way!

You might be wondering if there is such a thing as stress-free parenting, especially in today’s world. I am here to assure you that stress-free parenting is more than possible. It is necessary. I know for a fact that parents can experience a truly peaceful, happy household free from the burden of stress.

But you ask, “How?” My education, my experience and my passion have led me to know that helping families be happy is my calling at this time in history! I am here to gently guide and support parents into a place of true family happiness.

As a parent I first needed to learn parenting skills for me and for my four children. I began this serious journey in 1974 with my certification in Montessori education and as administrator of a Montessori pre-school. I’ve been learning ever since with my most recent certification from Jai Institute in 2020. I’ve been guiding, parents and teaching the tools and skills of happy parenting both individually and in groups for over 46 years. Between 2008 and 2019 I presented in-person (yes, face to face) parenting workshops for over 300 parents.

Recently I happened-upon evaluations that were written by those parents. As I began reading, I was struck at how powerful and effective the guidance had been. Amongst all their expressions of appreciation for their success in practicing the lessons presented, I heard one essential feeling expressed, and that was “Relief”. My heart and my whole being was filled with gratitude, and I was speaking out-loud words of gratefulness! I was giving thanks that so many parents had taken me seriously. I was grateful that they were willing to do the work, to truly trust me and believe me when I told them, “No matter the seriousness of your family dilemma, I believe in you, I believe you can have, and you deserve a happy family.”

About that time I heard a parent on the Dr. Phil show say, “I gave up on my daughter when she was 10 years old.” I was shocked! Words cannot express how my heart felt, as though it were breaking. How could anyone give up on a child at 10 years old? Well, it was true. Mom had given-up, and now with her daughter at the age of 15, the whole family was in serious pain. I felt their pain. I felt I had been spun around a million times! I kept asking myself, “How could this be?” No one needs to give up on a 10-year-old… or any child!

Certainly we can all admit that this past year has in no way been conducive to happy families, but it can happen. I can happily help parents discover that Stress-Free life and be Happy! I can help bring that Relief to you and to many more! It is my calling and my passion to be present for the purpose of bringing Relief! It is my joy to serve you in this way!

My upcoming blogs will be focused on sharing skills to create happy families. I hope that you will enjoy them, learn from them and share them to the Relief of anyone who needs that. I am also available for individual consultations via Zoom® or Phone Call. Contact me to discuss scheduling a Free Parent Discovery Session.

Happy That I Can Serve in This Way!



Editor, Karen Diehl


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