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Lessons from My Candle

My mother once told me that when I was of highchair-age, I was mesmerized and fascinated by a lighted candle. This gave her the perfect opportunity to do something like wash the floors or work on a project that was not meant for me. She would light a candle on the nearby counter while I was in my highchair and I was content. To this day a candle draws me inward to my safe space, a place of peace and contentment. While at Unity of Medina, our candle lighting ceremonies were always a calming and inspiring favorite of mine. I love candles and candle ceremonies.

In the previous blog, I mentioned the power of creating your one theme and two or three intentions as we move into 2020. It might take a while to get those words just the way you want them, but they can be tweaked along the way. When I take the time to discover just the right words for me, they become my guiding light for the year.

To make the theme simple and powerful, I have found it best to shorten my theme to a word or two. As you begin, a short sentence may feel more comfortable for you and that is fine. However, keep that theme to no more than four words. It becomes the umbrella of your life. It is the energy behind everything you think, say and do. My chosen words come from my heart and feel soooo good! I choose, I think, I pray and I work within my theme. Examples: Radiating peace!

Sparkling with joy!

Confidently Leading!

Exuberantly loved and loving!

After a theme, I then set three intentions that become my expression of that theme. My intentions keep me focused on three of the most important areas of my life. Intentions might be related to a connection with God, self, family, career, exploring, traveling, abundance, health, education, play, etc. The intentions are short, simple sentences and always begin with “I AM”. Your intentions are already in your heart. Just ask. Examples:

I AM in a healthy, happy relationship with me.

I AM deeply and happily connected with my family.

I AM joyfully working in a peaceful, supportive environment.

I AM dedicated to my quiet times and conversations with God.

This morning a very special candle had a reason to speak to me. Each day I light a candle that I dedicate to honoring my intentions for that day. This ritual keeps me focused in the now and helps me remember what my life is all about. One day at a time! My current candle is new. It’s an ivory non-toxic candle with three wicks, one for each intention. On most days this mini-ceremony takes me less than sixty seconds, and sometimes not even that. It starts my day right!

I mean, how long could it possibly take to light three wicks and affirm what they represent? This morning my candle spoke volumes to me without saying a word. I’m not at all sure how long it finally took to light those three wicks. Apparently, I trimmed the wicks rather low yesterday, and lighting them took a little longer because I had to remove some hardened wax around the wick that was preventing two of them from glowing. One wick lit brilliantly and immediately. Beautiful! The second took a little clearing of the wax. The third wick was the most challenging. It was entirely covered with wax and just wasn’t going to light! It really needed me to give it my attention to clear away the build-up of wax around it. So I decided to just relax and take the time needed to get all three lit.

The lessons I heard were as follows:

1.) I don’t always need to hurry. There are times when I can slow down and take my time. This morning there was no need for me to hurry. I had plenty of time to arrive at my meeting. Just as I needed to pluck away at the wax to clear the way for the candle to express itself fully, I sometimes need to remove things from my life to experience something better. I need to clear away whatever might be blocking me from manifesting my desires. I ask myself, "What activities, situations or people might be distracting me from living my intentions? What might I loose and let go of to fulfill my intentions?"

2.) In the process of scraping off the wax, it also occurred to me that perhaps my intentions themselves needed closer attention. Perhaps I needed to take some heart-time to redefine or bring a little more excitement to one or more of them. My intentions become a part of who I AM. I ask myself, "Could I laugh more at the things which might otherwise annoy me?" It certainly would be healthier!

3.) My inner eyes were opened to see that not all three intentions are equal. I could see that not all three intentions are equally easy or difficult and will not be equally expressed. Not all three will need the same attention everyday. Some intentions will naturally shine forth more than others. They will glow in their own divine order, as I hold to the truth that what I focus on over time will express its light. What I appreciate appreciates. I ask myself, “Am I appreciating myself? Am I being kind and patient with myself? Am I trusting that the universe always supports me? Am I remembering that I am a victor and not a victim?" I don’t need to feel frustrated at anything, if I embrace my theme and intentions and trust.

4.) There’s an answer to every problem.

I stopped and relaxed. I took my time and listened to the lessons the candle had for me today. Truly, I experienced My Morning of Plenty with this process, and 2020 will offer even more Plenty in new ways every day.

I invite you to join me.

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