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Transformation, Healing and Miracles are for Everyone!

"Transformation, Healing and Miracles" was the theme for the 2019 Living in the Miracle Zone Inner Circle Retreat, presented by Marci Shimoff, Dr. Sue Morter and Lisa Garr. My uplifting and amazing experience with these inspiring women confirmed for me once again that dreams do come true and they are unlimited.

So let me ask you this:

  • Have you ever wanted to feel that you were really with “your tribe” ~ your tribe where you feel extraordinarily safe, comfortable and at the same time hopeful and joyful?

  • Have you ever wanted to succeed and overcome what seemed to be unsurmountable circumstances?

  • Have you ever wanted to truly forgive yourself or others?

  • Have you ever yearned for your dreams to come true?

Just maybe you would say, “Yes, but is it really possible?” Absolutely, unconditionally, yes it is possible! Surely you’ve sung “Over the Rainbow” many times, calling out that dreams really do come true. The truth is that a friendly universe offers you the promise of hope - hope for a better day, hope for the manifestation of your desires and dreams. However, while hope is the starter button, a necessary requirement on your part is belief in the possibility.

  • Have you ever wondered where that dream or desire came from?

  • Can you believe that God and all of this magnificent universe (as one) has your back?

  • Can you believe that you are worthy of every dream and desire lives within your heart?

  • Are you willing to tap into your heart for your answers, for your wisdom?

  • Can you love yourself to the degree that the unfoldment of your wishes will come forth with grace and ease?

With a firm answer of “Yes, I believe”, the door opens wide for you to receive, experience and enjoy it all in a profound and very unexpected way.

No matter how you define your heart’s desires, it is important to define those desires specifically in writing, with focus and a free flow of consciousness. Then join those words with feelings and send that magic duo (words and feelings) out into the universe to be arranged and rearranged in ways that are perfect for you.

Feel these words in your heart, “I am worthy of and in the divine flow of a benevolent, loving God and Universe. From the inner sanctuary of my heart, I desire ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I now choose wisely, step into that place of manifestation and I allow the unfolding to begin. "I accept. I allow. I love. I give thanks.” Twice a day is not too often.

If you are ready to discover your next highest level of success, contact Barbara for individualized coaching session. You will grasp in short order the Self-Love’s Purpose and Pathway to healthy Self-Love.

Transformation, Healing and Miracles are for Everyone!

In the Miracle Zone,


Barbara Hribar


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