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Yes, You Can... from Your Heart!

Was The Little Engine That Could a part of your “growing-up books”? It was a part of mine, and I still have a copy out where I can see it every day! Based on your belief in yourself and anticipation that something you really want is possible, you will achieve that. It may not be in your timing (rarely is) but you can know it is on its way to manifestation. You will experience it!

Yes! You Can!

Yes, you can create your desired change! Yes, you can reduce stress. Yes, you can meet your dreams and expectations and live your life to the fullest. Yes, you can increase your productivity without working harder or longer. Yes, you can even improve your communication skills and manage your time more effectively. Yes, you can improve your immune system, your emotional body, and you can enjoy better overall health and increased energy. Yes, you can feel true deep love, and, yes, you can speak your truth confidently. Research validates these results by utilizing HeartMath® Techniques. Because of these many areas of life improvement, it probably won’t surprise you to know that the practical techniques for change offered by HeartMath are utilized today by families, schools, hospitals, law enforcement, US Military, corporations and many organizations throughout the world. Improved life experience may only be a heartbeat away.

How is This Possible?

There is a deep force that is a well-spring of inner intelligence within you and it is ready to work for you. It is an electromagnetic current of the heart that leads you to the possibility of creating something new and different, something more positive. This electromagnetic current makes it possible to shift your feelings. The neuroplasticity of the brain indicates that you can shift your thinking.

Is There a Problem?

The only problem might be that you were not taught about the deep force of inner heart intelligence! All you may have heard was, “Are you stupid? What were you thinking? Use your head!” Well, language of that nature directs you away from your heart into an area of fear where you can’t feel love or think clearly. That can be a problem. The solution is not in the mind; the mind can become a prison. Mind alone cannot change mind; feelings change mind. Feel your feelings as they arise and know they can be made new. Not everyone was shown how to do that.

You Likely Know!

You may well-know some important facts about the physical heart, but let’s review a few. The physical heart beats 100,000 times a day and no one knows the source of the heartbeat! The heart pumps two gallons of blood per minute. It has a vascular system 2 ½ times the circumference of the earth. The heart has its own intrinsic nervous system, known as neuro-cardiology, and the signals it sends to the brain terminate in the neo-cortex.

Do You Know?

The heart speaks to the brain and is the stronger signal. The heart actually sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. The brain function is affected by the heart signals, and it continually responds to the heart. What a built-in team you have for functioning at a high level! Thinking and feeling work in harmony. Positive thinking alone may be beneficial for a short time; it doesn’t stay around long. Thinking and feeling must shift. It is feeling that gives your thought the power to sustain the thought you want. You can use heart intelligence, which is the electricity within your body, to shift feelings. Heart intelligence works faster than the speed of feelings, and feelings work faster than the speed of thought! The electrical field of the heart is 40-60 times stronger than that of the brain, and it responds quickly to your feelings, attitudes and perceptions. Mind is complicated, but we know it works at its best when it works in harmony with the heart.

How’s Your Intuition These Days?

You can learn to use the intelligence of the heart to manage your emotions and to guide your emotions to a more positive, regenerative, renewing place. When you remember something from your past that left you with a positive, loving feeling, you can use this as a powerful tool that lets you dial into more pleasant feelings. I have noticed that this also helps to dial out any negative feelings. What have you downloaded on your computer lately? What have you downloaded into yourself lately? You can download anything you wish, just as you can dial into any radio station you want to hear. If you don’t want that station, you have the power to turn the dial. The same is true for feelings. Search within yourself for what you want to download. Focusing on breathing and feeling love for just 20 seconds creates a coherence in the autonomic nervous system branches. Both the sympathetic and the parasympathetic branches begin to work together in harmony, as they are intended to work. We can all learn how to shift from an emotional response of anxiety to one of calm. This has a positive impact on the autonomic nervous system and on two key hormones in the body. There are many benefits from creating a coherent rhythm in the body. One positive effect that I have felt is that the higher perceptual centers in my brain really do seem to be clearer, more positive and more alive! Want to feel good? Download good feelings; it only takes a few seconds.

Your Heart Has Rhythm

Your heart has an electromagnetic energy that can be measured 3 feet around your body. That energy surrounds your body extending out to a 360-degree sphere, 24 hours a day. That energy and rhythm reflect your feelings in that moment. When you are feeling good, your electrical content demonstrates that in physical measurements. Yes, the electrical content of your heart changes depending on your feelings. Your heart is always, literally broadcasting out to the world, and other people can feel it even when you think you’re hiding it well. Does it seem real that in quantum physics when two particles touch, they forever remain connected? Well, it’s true; we are all connected at the heart, the consciousness level. You affect the electromagnetic field all around the world!

Would You Like to Feel More Kindness in the World?

As William Johnsen said, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.” Please don’t wait for anyone else to do this. If you want more kindness, respect, love and compassion, flowing throughout the planet, then begin intentionally spreading exactly those feelings in every moment with every person.

You Can Reach Your Goals!

If you have any goals for yourself, it would be wise to apply the HeartMath way of living to whatever goal or dream you might have. You can learn and practice a new understanding of how to generate the heart intelligence in the direction you wish, and the techniques can be learned and applied no matter what your positive, desired outcome might be. Using HeartMath® techniques, you can move to a high-speed shift to intuitive intelligence. Yes, you can literally create the change you have always wanted.


*HeartMath® was founded by Doc Childre and is now on the leading edge of creating positive changes in the world. HeartMath® has developed practical, proven techniques; there is validated research and empirical evidence to back up the teachings. HeartMath® offers the missing link that creates awareness and opportunity for a new psychology and a new physiology. For further research please see or to shop for materials see

Leaning into My Heart,



Karen Diehl, Tricia Hoffman editors

Coming soon a new blog will highlight the “hows and whys” of activating the intelligence of your heart.

Schedule Your Appointment

Beginning mid-August I will be scheduling individual coaching consultations and group presentations based on the HeartMath® research and techniques for the purpose of integrating body, mind and spirit through the heart. For those in my greater Cleveland, OH area, I will also be offering heart-rate variability measurements mid-August thru November 2nd and will do the same for those in my Phoenix area beginning in mid-November.

*HeartMath is a registered trademark of Quantum Intech, Inc. For all HeartMath trademarks go to

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