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The Law of Vacuum Will Serve You Well!

Recently I spoke with a friend who was right on the verge of retiring, and felt she needed to hang-on until a replacement was hired. Well, that smacked me right in the face of evading the Law of Vacuum! There are laws such as gravity that we know we cannot defy, and I venture to say that the Law of Vacuum is just as undeniable!

The Law of Vacuum says that if something is full, it can’t get fuller! So true. When my friend told me about her “semi-retirement” plans, she was filling my arms with freshly picked oranges (so sweet the smell!), and I yelled, “Stop! My arms can’t hold any more.” To which she replied, “Then put those in a bag, and I’ll give you more!”

How obvious! If you are holding onto something, and you want something else or you want more, then there is no choice but to let go of what you are holding onto! That applies just as much to a job as it does to oranges! Let go and make space for something new for you and/or another. When it’s time to let go, it’s time to let go completely. Make a well-considered clean cut!

Think of your garden! If your garden is overflowing with weeds, and you want something to replace the weeds, then you first get rid of the weeds! The universe abhors a vacuum and once the law is initiated, you must plant what you want in that space before the weeds come back! Have a plan, and at the same time be aware of what you are truly being led to do. Give Spirit the opportunity to speak to you about how to unfold your dream!

I’m sure you have cleared off your sofa table, and, if you did not place the decor you wished to see on that table, someone plopped their stuff there! If you want something good, then you get rid of something that is not that good! If you want something better, then get rid of the good! If you want the best, then remove the better! And so goes the process. Letting go is part of healthy change, trusting that your well-designed image for the future may even be improved upon by a friendly universe! Everything is spiritual, and Spirit is always speaking to you! Listen as you apply the Law!

Why is it so hard to let go and trust? Why do we hang on, even to things that we don’t really want? We may mistakenly believe that there really isn’t enough to go around. We also may mistakenly believe that we don’t really deserve more or better, or we might hurt someone’s feelings! We may not believe that the universe is a friendly place, and so we feel that, if we give away, we will have less! We tend to resist releasing because at some level we believe that removing what we have will leave us feeling less than, empty and without.

Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, “not removing” that which needs to go is what causes stagnation, clutter, boredom, and the same old life experiences. When we give away or release, we are actively living the Law of Vacuum, and we will be ok… better than ok! If our cup is full, then we cannot fill it more! Our world continually offers us opportunities for abundant good, when we release material possessions, our time, ideas, creativity, or, energy. That is how we open the flood gates to be in the flow of life’s abundance.

2 Simple Steps:

1. Removal

What are you willing to remove? Let’s commit to removing from our lives what we don’t want in order to make room for what we really do want! This will include removing (perhaps not to your liking) negative attitudes toward situations and people, fear, and feelings of unworthiness. It will surely include activities, people, things, lots of things! Ask yourself, “What have I been holding onto that no longer serves me or blesses me in the way that I deserve?” Of course, you can have what you want and in a perfectly designed way ~ a surprising way if you are willing to let go! A bonus: Just think how many people will absolutely love to have what you are releasing!

2. Attraction

What do you want? You truly have the ability to attract what you want into your life such as like-minded friends, ideal employment, vacation, higher quality clothes, home, furniture, car, etc. What is it that’s on your heart? Cut-out the pictures that fit your desires. Find the descriptive words and colors of what you have in your mind’s eye. Find the interested people who can help you. Set a plan and trust the universe for exactly what you can envision and even greater than that! Ask yourself, “What do I wish to see come into my world? How much am I really ready to receive? Can I really imagine this as a possibility? Can I feel it, prepare for it and embrace it?” It is so worth the time it takes to do this!

Yes, we are dealing with a law, and, just as gravity has no favorites, neither does the Law of Vacuum. Use it wisely now to your best advantage. Know that you, like everyone else, deserve the best of the best! You must, however, actively and consciously apply these 2 simple steps, Removal and Attraction!

I’m off now to clean-up and clear-out all that does not serve me at the level of my highest and best! I’m applying the Law of Vacuum in my favor! I have some great ideas to manifest, and I anticipate receiving even greater than I dream as a result of this process !

I see you doing the same!


Barbara A. Hribar, Whole Life Coach

Thanks to Editor, Karen Diehl!

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