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Breaking the Silence

Have you noticed that I haven’t written any blogs lately? Well, I took time-out to re-evaluate what is most important to me during these times of public confusion, chaos, criticism, denial of human rights and my own physical healing. The facts are not the facts? What is factual and what is not? What is true and what is not? What is it that makes one successful? What causes healing? With so many questions on my mind, I knew that I had to turn within, spending some quality time both in silence and investigating politicians, issues of public concern, my own health, the best I knew how. I chose my sunny, warm, happy place in AZ and settled down to discern. A daily walk or dip in the pool helped too! Absolutely, this has been a valuable sabbatical!

So, I’m breaking my silence. Simply put, I realize more than ever the importance of self-nurturing and following my heart in support of myself and others. I am passionately invested in my HeartMathTM studies and application! I’m reinvigorated!

I’ll share some of my grounding thoughts:

  1. Nothing can disturb the peace within me; I will not allow it.

  2. When I truly love you, I support you by setting you free; I trust the Spirit within you.

  3. "I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm and spring forth with a mighty faith to do the things that ought to be done by me.” Charles Fillmore

  4. Stillness is an active spiritual practice.

  5. I am here to live, love, learn, give and grow.

  6. I am actively living my core values* of respect, kindness, integrity, honesty, education, and I use these as the basis of my decisions.

  7. I was designed to be a creative being, and my power of imagination is my greatest tool.

  8. I create through my thoughts and feelings, and when I feel passionately, I accomplish more with less effort.

  9. Thoughts and feelings are causative, and I am conscious of both as I take action.

  10. When I expect things to be better, they get better.

  11. When I am clear, definite, specific, serious and passionate about my dreams, the universe always cooperates.

  12. I write my specific, timely goals.

  13. When my surroundings are clean, I think more clearly.

  14. I honor my spiritual calling, even when it’s tough.

  15. My life is a walk of faith. I discern the “What”, but the “How and When” are none of my business.

  16. No one and nothing is against me; all challenges are for my greater good.

  17. There is no competition.

  18. “Day by day in every way I am getting better and better.” Emile’ Coue’

  19. I am committed to using all forms of healing: prayer, meditation, affirmations, giving thanks, sleeping well, serving others, eating and supplementing with highest quality, alternative and complementary medicine, and, when cautiously discerned, appropriate allopathic medicine. ( Stem cell and ozone injections were a significant part of my healing.)

  20. At election time I will investigate all names on the ballot that I do not know, and I will use the absentee ballot in the solitude of my living quarters.

  21. Where God guides, God provides – all the time – no exceptions!

  22. In order to be happy, I put forth my best every day; my best is not always perfect.

  23. I cannot know anyone else’s lesson; I can only prayerfully discern my own.

  24. I offer information, experience and advice when asked, but I do not take away anyone’s lesson.

  25. I accept only clients who are passionate about self-discovery and are ready for change, and together we are successful.

  26. Success means using my power of imagination, having well-defined, written goals and pursuing those goals with my God-given gifts and talents for the benefit of others.

Readers have written recently expressing their feelings of fear (a most devastating distraction). Fear for their freedom, their health and its care, their finances, court decisions, the rights of LGBTQ and more. Whenever that fear surfaces, it’s time to pull back and invest time in the silent wisdom of your heart before taking a positive action. Perhaps you too will decide to turn-off the news with its plethora of adds for buying more, taking pharmaceuticals, choosing a candidate! Can you stop the unrewarding, distracting, depleting, conversations/relationships in order to focus on your present, unique calling? With whom and where are you spending your time? What are your five core values*? What is your purpose at this time? What is it that reinvigorates you? I invite you to take some quiet time to reach into your heart for your best answers! Know which lessons are yours and which belong to someone else. We aren’t meant to solve it all! I look forward to your sharing with me what is working to keep you grounded and focused these days!

Breaking the Silence,


P.S. Stay tuned for more information on Defining Core Values and how to determine your Top 5 in future blog!

Honoring Karen Diehl for her editorial skills!

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