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Simple Resilience Technique!You Can Do This!

Wouldn’t it be great to feel resilient at any time? To bounce back quickly after a disturbing thought or situation? How resilient do you feel when you attend a high-pressured or chaotic meeting? How resilient do you feel when someone is expressing anger toward you, or when your kids resist your advice? How resilient do you feel when you get a phone call or email that you weren’t expecting? Would you like to become a resilient person? You can!

Granted it’s easy to feel ease when the flow feels good, and then not so easy when there is stress or an adverse challenge. But what if you could learn, practice and apply a skill that would allow you to not feel drained and stuck in frustration? What if you could actually find a way to become resilient no matter what the situation, allowing you to handle things calmly and brilliantly? You can!

My introduction and first practice with the Institute of HeartMathTM began in 2002, as I was moving to a new home, leaving a corporate training position and accepting a request to pioneer a Unity ministry. I savored the HeartMathTM teachings! As my studies and skills in HeartMathTM Techniques have continued to develop over the years, I never cease to be amazed at how, after consistent daily and weekly practice, the HeatMathTM methods work almost automatically. Yes, it takes the intention to learn, and the commitment to apply the skills on a regular basis, as life call us into living a calm, resilient life, no matter what. When we utilized the learned skills on a regular basis we experience:

a.) coherent balance of mind and heart,

b.) positive, wise thinking, and

c.) physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Somehow they all begin to work as one, just as they were designed. With resilience training and practice we have more physical energy and endurance, mental clarity and focus, emotional stability, spiritual certainty about our core values. Could it get better than that? You can do this!

Today I will simply and briefly address one HeartMathTM skill (there are several) and, if you commit to practice this technique, you will begin to feel the power of the results before my next blog. You will need to commit to faithfully follow the nearly effortless guidelines here. The skill I’m suggesting today is called. “Heart-Focused BreathTM Technique”. HeartMathTM invites you into this shift to a state of focused energy and awareness all at once. You can do this at any moment, when you wish to maintain your composure in a stressful, challenging situation. Addressing your need in the moment is proactive! I’m sure you will have that opportunity sometime this week! Simply intend to be calm, and as you focus on your heart, feel your breath flowing in and out of your heart area and breath more slowly and deeply than you would usually. These breaths I have found to be an inhale of 5-7 seconds and an exhale of 5-7 seconds.

My personal experience has been that when I do this, I feel less overwhelm, less drama in my head and a calmness in my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies. Wow! I can actually breath again and feel good! I feel resilient and I do not carry another burden on “my shoulders”. I can stretch and flex and feel refreshed, rather than drained; it feels so good. This week make this a regular heart breathing exercise, as you journey through your day with anything that shows up or could show up as stressful. It is Simple and Effective! You can do this!

Feeling Resilient,


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