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Your Safety Net

Your Safety Net Will Bring A Smile on Your Face, A Twinkle in Your Eye and a Skip in Your Step!

You think you have a problem? Well, how did that happen? According to spiritual leader and author Myrtle Fillmore, “You do not have a problem except the one that is in your own mind, and you put it there!

My response, “Well, Thank You, Myrtle!" It makes things pretty clear that my mind could use a little cleaning-up when I get in the dilemma of problem thinking, so that I can make right decisions for my life!

We get beyond problem thinking by having a safety net that supports us toward problem solving. My purpose is to discover what the threads are in a personal safety net and to strengthen the nets we already have.

Those safety nets begin within ourselves. We might begin with simple practices such as affirmative words, which, when we believe them can lead to an amazing new path of connecting with Spirit (God). Myrtle’s husband, Charles says, “Words are seeds, and when dropped into the invisible spiritual substance, they grow and bring forth after their kind.” Do you have a go-to affirmation? One of mine is, “I know in my heart exactly what to do, and I do it.” Another is,“There is more to this than that.” When I say this one, I recognize that what I’m seeing, hearing, believing may only be the tip of the iceberg. If I can affirm that there is more to this situation than I can grasp right now, it might take me out of problem thinking and judging. For example: if I’m fed-up with someone’s behavior, have I considered that there is hurt, pain or frustration alive in them that has nothing whatsoever to do with me? Can I then become the STAR that Dr. Becky Bailey recommends? S“Stop”, T“Take a deep breath” A“And” R“Relax”. Our greatest wisdom is in the heart, and we can tap into heart intelligence for wisdom and ideas, whenever we choose to be a STAR! That alone can lead to a decision.

Sometimes it’s wise to bounce thoughts and ideas off a trusted person. Who is that for you? Is it a friend, relative or authority who can support you?

What about nature? Have you ever found that by being in nature, you have an awareness that you never had before? Nature and animals may bring about a sense of composure and peace that leads to right (heart) thinking.

Another thread in the net might be music, like artist Karen Drucker. For me she is always soul inspiring and uplifting - every word and every note!

In her book, Hiring the Heavens Jean Slatter strengthens our safety nets when she encourages us to seek out the support of angels. She says, “Once you shift your perception to being One with all Divinity, then suddenly the expansive power of the Universe, which seemed impossible to relate to, will be sitting right in the palm of your hand. God and all the Heavens will become your ally and your confidant, sitting right beside you and supporting your every intention.” I’m convinced that angels are highly underemployed! We need to hire them. If you need to find a new partner for business, a new job, a new life partner, a new home, there are angels for hire that can bring you what you cannot yet see. Have you lost something? Do you need a better seat on the plane? Hire an angel!

There is no limit to the problems we might be putting into our minds, and there is no limit to the problems we can solve, if we are willing! Yes, when there is problem thinking, a decision must be made, and the solution can quickly become very clear, when we rely on our safety nets. Our perspective changes and the world around us changes too!

When we agree to accept and rely our own Divinity first and go to our heart, and when we consciously relax into our hearts, we can take solution-oriented actions as we are led. Divinity or the Spirit world may be invisible, but the positive results of its power are very much evident in our world.

This Universe delights in arranging every little detail for the express purpose of putting a smile on your face, a twinkle in your eye and a skip in your step.” Hiring the Heavens

I look forward to hearing about the smile on your face, the twinkle in your eye and the skip in your step! Email me by clicking here!


:) Barbara

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