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I Wonder... A Case for New Thoughts

Beliefs are the result of thoughts that are re-thought. Therefore, our thoughts can be changed. The brain is “plastic”! This may be a case for new thoughts! In light of extreme loss of respect for life, the widespread bullying (authorities as well) and ongoing abuse and violence, I wonder:

  • if today we could just stop to quietly consider the power of our thoughts.

  • if we might discern what beliefs might be involved in the prevalence of hurtful behavior.

  • if the beliefs that result in hurtful or violent words and behavior are a part of our own personal beliefs.

  • if disrespect is becoming more acceptable.

  • If new thoughts could lead us to be more compassionate.

  • If new thoughts will make a difference when I cast my vote.

  • If others will be influenced by the new commitment from the CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods. (Others are following.)

  • what the values and principles are that rule our decisions.

  • what experiences cause a consciousness that hurts oneself or others.

  • why there are times when we do not take a stand for our own value.

  • what my active part is to create a safe, loving environment.

I. Apparent Traditional Thoughts

God is anthropomorphic, outside and beyond us.

Response: I honor God as above, outside and beyond me. I see myself reaching out to God for love and forgiveness of my human weaknesses.

We are only human.

Response: I hope each day that I will be guided; I’m only human.

Prayer is a means of requesting divine intervention whereby we await God to change our situation.

Response: I pray that God will grant me health, happiness, mercy, forgiveness and more.

Church is a place we need to go.

Response: I attend to meet my obligation and because it is a way I can worship, showing myself, God and others that I am doing the right thing. I repeat the prayers that I was taught. I sit, stand, kneel and follow the rituals as directed by parents and church authorities.

The Body is just a physical body only, not influenced by our thoughts and words.

Response: When the body is out of alignment, I am careful to follow modern medical orders and prescriptions to the letter. I turn-over my care to what I see as “the experts”. My spiritual practices are not a major part of my physical experience.

Words are just a natural, reactive response to our experience; they make no real difference and there is no need to monitor.

Response: I may not have kind words for my painful knee, but that doesn’t have any influence on how my knee feels. As for others, I say what I feel I need to say, and they can handle that how they wish.

Love is what we need from others and without it there is no real joy.

Response: Without the recognition, response or love from the those I desire, I feel worthless. With love from others, I feel complete. Without love from others, I feel incomplete and I question my value.

II. Possible New Thoughts

God is omnipresence/allness/wholeness within all. “Be still and know that I am God.”

Response: I take quiet time each day to honor the amazing miracle of God in All. I surrender my ego to God. God lives as me, as I release my need to blame, shame, bully, berate or hurt anyone in any way.

We are a part of that God presence, and our ego must surrender to awaken God within us.

Response: I honor God in all life. I honor the presence in me and in others.

Prayer is a matter of contemplating the Truth of God’s presence in all, and prayer leads us to honor ourselves and others as a part of that presence.

Response: Your presence is here and now, Thank You, God.

Church is not a place we need to go, but a place we have the freedom to be reminded of who we are. There we connect with others who accept their responsibility of expressing God in thoughts, words and deeds everywhere, all the time.

Response: I re-enter the world acting in responsible ways to honor the all of God in everything and everyone.

The Body is a gift that allows us each to sense the privilege of human life; the body is a gift that serves as a temple of the spirit.

Response: I respect my body, all bodies, as they are the creation of the Creator and a part of it. I see the body as a holy temple of God.

Words are creative and have the power to create whatever we speak.

Response: I am healthy; I am happy, I am love. I behold God’s presence in you and therefore, I speak kindly and respectfully to all. I am honest and polite all in one breath.

Love is who we are; love is a Divine rhythm of pure joy when we express it.

Response: I love life. I give love and I speak and act in loving ways. Love shows my strength.

Well, I’m wondering if people might be willing to consider any new thoughts in hopes of a new experience?

I welcome your feedback and your suggestions for topics that we need to consider together. I love to hear from my readers!

No longer Wondering for Myself!

Love and Light to All!


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