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What Are You Doing These Days?

Interestingly, the question implies that change happens, and that we are most likely doing something new. Because the only constant is change, we hope that our answer is positive, proactive, productive and enjoyable. You are important, special and unique and what you do with your life is important. Although it may not be January, it is never too late to set your sights on some new and exciting activities, interests or hobbies that you’d like to pursue in 2018. The question, “What are you doing these days?” is one that I am frequently asked by those with whom I stay in contact as I sway back and forth from Ohio and Arizona.

My retirement from Ministry at Unity of Medina, Ohio began in January of 2017, and I thought for sure I knew exactly what was next. I had my plan in hand! Ha! While it’s all been good; it has also been unexpectedly interesting! Have you ever experienced that? The lyrics of "Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)" contain the famous Lennon quote "Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans." (Actually the expression can be traced back to a 1957 Reader's Digest article, which attributes it to Allen Saunders.) Regardless, I know those words are true and they help us to not take too seriously our own human plans and expectations.

Now in February of 2018, I see how things are unfolding in perfect order, and how I can stay connected and be of service to both my Ohio and Arizona family and friends. I see new ways and opportunities that I had not anticipated. Remember the line by Woody Allen, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans”? That line is from an old Yiddish proverb, “We plan, God laughs.” That certainly doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t make plans, but it does remind us to keep God’s Divine Order in mind and be willing to be flexible. Remember? “Thy Will Be Done”. Remember: God’s got your back!

So what am I doing these days? I’m celebrating…big time!! Admittedly, I struggled for a while until I remembered to celebrate all that is and to go with the flow! So I’m celebrating! I’m celebrating my Unity beliefs and practices every single day. I’m celebrating that the Unity way of life has been my way of life since 1981. That’s 37 years with Unity! I’m also celebrating 37 years as researcher and reporter of the most up-to-date complementary health care information. I’m celebrating my certification in Transformational Life Coaching with Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, and have 1 year of independent Whole Life Coaching with results beyond my expectations! I’m so grateful! I’m celebrating 37 years with Nature’s Sunshine on February 21st and 74 years of life on February 22! Every day I celebrate oneness with all; I am honored to be able to celebrate being a mom, grandma, sister, cousin, friend, coach, prayer partner, listener, encourager, researcher, reporter and natural health educator.

I live to give and to be of service wherever I am!

I celebrate being a part of your life! Thank You!

By the way, please tell me, “How might I serve you?”, and “What are you doing these days?”

Barbara Hribar


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