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Part II The River of Change - Turning Your Thoughts Upside Down

There are many who will say that this can be a tough world. However, we are learning that our personal world experience has more to do with our thinking and less to do with how the world turns! Internal overrides external!

Last week I invited us to step into the river of change. I focused on change, and how it is entirely possible to have a new life experience just by the thoughts we choose.

Research shows that 60% of the thoughts we think are the same thoughts we thought yesterday! Dr. Joe Dispenza says that 90% of those thoughts are negative, telling us that we can’t do something! Wow! It wouldn’t surprise us then to know that far too many people live every day in a stress and survival mode rather than a possibility mode.

We really can make better life decisions through the conscious use of the executive part of our brain. That part, called the frontal lobes, actually makes up 40% of our brain. We can set a new intention through this powerful part of the brain! We slow down to think new thoughts, and then do what it takes to break through old, unproductive beliefs! We actually turn our thoughts upside down! This executive part of the brain, not the emotional or base parts of the brain, creates the new. This awareness brings great hope because we do have the ability to slow down, to think new thoughts with feeling and to manifest the world we desire! Yeah!

Get excited! It can be fun to turn our old limiting beliefs upside down and transform them into new and unlimited thoughts! We can take our positive affirmations into meditation, and realize the truth of those thoughts.

Would our world look different, if we thought about health and healing as possible? What if we really believed that the body was designed to heal? Affirm, “God lives in every cell of my body and healing is happening NOW!”

What if you thought that you really did have enough of everything? Have you thought, “All that I need is mine. I attract everything that I will ever need and I am grateful!”

Have you told yourself lately that you are wise in every decision you make? Perhaps you could affirm, “I am effective and efficient with my time. I always get done what I need to do with time left over!” Would that make a difference in how you view and spend your time?

My friend is repeating daily, “I am stable and I am grateful”. That is a powerful healing affirmation.

Another friend always answers the question, “How are you?” with the answer, “I’m just right!” Granted, we aren’t likely to believe a new thought initially. I’m sure that my friend didn’t believe this simple three-word affirmation at first, but I know that she does now!

Ask yourself, “Why am I so relaxed?” Your mind is geared to answer why you are so relaxed. Sit with that question in quiet time. What old thoughts of stress can you release, and what new thoughts of relaxation and calm come into your imagination?

Create a treasure map of the world in which you wish to live. Post pictures of that world on the fridge! We can, if we are willing, let go of the old, do things differently, make new choices, clean out the things, the activities, and even let go of the people who no longer bless and support us. The simple act of making the time to think and feel that anything is possible begins to change the environment. Why? Because you have changed; you have changed from the inside out. It’s not difficult! It’s consistently paying attention to your intention.

Set just one new (big or little) intention today for what you want to create or experience, and do your part as you allow the universe to transform your world.

You will find yourself living in a new world! You are ready for the new! Don’t wait; step into the river now! Where will you begin?

Romans 6:4 "Walk in newness of life."

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What is your change?

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