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Yes! It’s Time for Change! Step Along with Me into The River of Change!

To change means to add new stitches into the tapestry of our brains by learning new knowledge and wiring that knowledge into our brains. We can accomplish this by making different choices than we made the day before and by doing something new and different. Changing means becoming greater than our environment! A new day = new thoughts and feelings = new experiences. That’s evolution!

A belief is a thought that has been thought many times over. We create our own beliefs. Our life experiences are an extension of what we’ve been thinking! We create our own experiences. Life change begins with stepping decidedly and boldly into the river of change! The river of change invites us to see ourselves and familiar people and places in new ways and to think differently rather than equal to our past. Our brains change to look like the environment that we are willing to claim and step into. Our environment is an extension of our mind and changing our mind changes our environment.

What thoughts do you want to wire into your brain while in this river of change? Can you imagine what that new job or those new friends look like? Can you imagine yourself calm and totally free of anxiety? Imagine whatever is important to you and whatever good your heart and mind desire. There is a personal and universal life intelligence in all of us. Our brains have the power to change so that we can actually manifest the future that we desire. We wire information into our brains with thoughts, feelings, and spoken words! Somehow these things stay with us forever like the words and the melody of a song! We just need to imagine and feel what abundance looks like before it will show up.

In the old model of thinking, we are waiting for something outside of us to change in our environment and hopefully we change on the inside and feel good. This old model gives thanks after the event.

The new model, according to quantum physics, is that we change emotionally and mentally on the inside which will lead to changing the environment on the outside. The new model has us celebrating our way to a new experience. We give thanks, get excited and embrace what we desire before it occurs. Gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership. The brain and body no longer remain in the past, they are already in the future! Think it, feel it, see it, believe it, and, ultimately experience it. That which you desire is drawn to you. Is that not the Law of Attraction at its best?

Faith is also a component of change. It is, however, very different from beliefs! Faith is a gift of God. We use faith to step into the river of change and stay the course. At first, it may feel uncomfortable and unpredictable and a real challenge to step into that river. It also it takes real commitment to stay in the river. The body-mind may try to unseat us and cause us to doubt our God-given power to create something new. Hold on to faith and it will hold you.

Our brains and bodies change to look as though the future has already happened, and when our desire actually comes, it even takes us by surprise. We find ourselves telling a trusted friend, “You’re not going to believe this, but you know what just happened?” Yes, a new way of being rocks our world in a very exciting way! When we are successful in creating a new experience in life, we will make it happen again and again in other new ways. Our brain will correlate that what happened inside our thoughts actually did create the experience we desired. We build new physical, neurological networks that cause us to create our future. That’s powerful!

Begin by taking a few moments to close your eyes to your current external environment, thereby eliminating it, and imagine and feel the new. Affirm the following: Today I set an intention for what I want new in my life, and I step-in by thinking, believing, seeing, being and doing something new, and, yes, even singing and dancing into my change! Do it every day, even several times as day. Practice makes perfect!

If we are really open and serious about change, then we cannot stay stuck in the known, and we cannot run from the unknown. At this time in history, it is not enough to know about something. It’s time to do something. It’s time to actually experience. We are being asked by the universe to change now. Let’s not wait for more suffering before changing. Let’s close the gap between information and experience now.

Amazement will soon flood your soul with what God can do through you when you align with your new way of being. You are created to be a creator. Anyone can do it. You can do it. The river of change awaits you! What is it that you will change?

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