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Relaxing into Who You Are

Have you considered that when you relax into who you are and know the Truth of God’s presence in you, that you can then effortlessly and joyously live your gifts? Live your Truth? Never let anyone else define you! You be you! Your humanity is a unique and special vehicle for God to express Divinity, and you are meant to enjoy it.

Through creation God opened the doors of infinite possibility, and there is no expiration date on possibility. It is never too late; you are never too old to express Divinity in a purposeful way! The world is your place of purposeful possibility! You are part of the purpose! You have purpose! You are not independent, not self-sufficient; you are not self-defined. You are totally dependent on God for every moment of your existence, for every breath. You were designed to serve your author with ease, grace and joy.

You are given free choice to choose how you will fulfill the divine purpose for which you were created! Your choices come from listening to the message in your heart and developing the gifts planted within you. Hopefully, you can hardly wait to play your role and serve with purpose in new and creative ways each day. This is not about obedience, but rather it’s about expression….expressing God, and it’s meant to be easy.

Relaxing into who you are brings new opportunity and possibility every day. Relaxing into who you are is about trusting God and living the purpose for which God has created you in your own unique and special way.

Relax into who you are and enjoy it!


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