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I Love That My Car Is a Lemon!

Granted, that was not my first thought, when I realized that I had indeed purchased a brand new but unreliable car. Now having driven just under 11,000 miles, it was time to step-up to the plate, and seek how I might make lemonade from this lemon of a car.

Initially, I took all the right steps and did so kindly and affirmatively – over and over and over and over and over again. Yes, five times. Now, with an assigned case # and an assigned case worker, most, if not all of the necessary logical, executive steps are in motion. I accept that there may be more executive steps needed, depending on the result of the action steps already in motion. I also accept that my spiritual work is just as important, if this is to reach the Best resolution possible.

Why am I grateful for this lemon? Well, I know that whenever a challenge arrives “on our plate”, it comes as an invitation to yet experience another opportunity to grow spiritually. Yes, even with a car! How lucky can I get!! For me this was now an opportunity to look within and feel what’s really going-on in my heart and in my gut…to look at the Truth and go beyond my brain.

The process? Surrendering to the Truth! Surrendering is a powerful step of the heart and gut, acknowledging the Truth! If we want the Best of any situation, we must hold to Truth of One Presence and One Power. There is only One Presence and One Power - Be Still and Know that I Am God!

One of the most difficult roles for me to play is that of standing firm on what is Best for me. I happen to love nurturing, caring-for and protecting others. Initially it is so much easier and more comfortable to “let my situation go”, “let it be” and “just give-in”, hoping that “things will work out”! Surrendering, however, is a critical step, and it is not giving-up, as in “whatever” or “things will work out”! Surrendering is claiming that One Presence and One Power is positively active in every situation!

Doing this spiritual work is important! Let’s work this formula:

  • Know what we want.

  • Know that we deserve it.

  • Deny that the situation has power over us.

  • Affirm that God wants only the Best for us.

  • Affirm that we accept only the Best!

That is the Truth! I am in the process of loving the resolution to my “lemon experience”.

I am surrendering and applying this Truth, in addition to using the brain that God gave me!

Thank You, God!

I know the Truth – “The Best is Yet to Be for You and Me!"

Join me for lemonade!

The Best,


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