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Simple Investment with Maximum Yield

How well we are able see what is possible does not depend on the quality of our eyesight. In fact human eyesight might just get in the way! The clarity of our inner vision and wisdom depend on our willingness to see with the eyes of faith and imagination, and to look beyond appearances in the world around us. Human vision sees only the images of the material world! The mind recalls past experiences, judges the past and present and worries about the future! That is not helpful!

What is helpful is Inner Spiritual Vision. This vision opens the windows of our soul. It gives us hope. It allows us to see God in every person and situation and thereby see the love and opportunity that awaits us. It perceives the potential for all good things and sees what the human eyes cannot see. It touches the heart, and the heart knows what the mind cannot know.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, do you really behold yourself as an expression of God? When you look at others, do you really behold everyone connected as one? It might feel as simple as, “I’m ok; you’re ok!” It shows us that we have more in common than not. We know that we are seeing clearly, when we see only love and opportunity. Inner Spiritual Vision allows wisdom to evolve.

One thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see.--John 9:25

Solomon the sun man, or solar plexus man, when asked by the Lord what He should give him, chose wisdom above riches and honor; then all the other things were added. Solomon was also a great judge. He had a rare intuition, and he used it freely in arriving at his judgments. He did not rest his investigations on mere facts, but sought out the inner motives. In the case of the two women who claimed the same infant, he commanded an attendant to bring a sword and cut the child in twain and give a half to each woman. Of course the real mother begged him not to do this, and he knew at once that she was the mother.

Would you like to become aware of inner wisdom guiding you, loving you and offering you new opportunities? Then you must always go to silence before making a decision. Yes, just taking a few moments a day to sit quietly, while totally undistracted, will be the practice that will take you to that space. The more you are aware of this living, loving Spirit, the more you will recognize the Divine direction in your life that leads to love and opportunity. This direction comes to you as a peace deep within your soul, an inner knowing that the choices you are making are the right ones.

Whenever you have questions, whenever you have concerns, quietly immerse yourself in an awareness of God’s loving Spirit within you! See with spiritual eyes. It is a powerful Spirit that is within guiding you in the direction that is best for you. It will help you make decisions that are filled with love and opportunity just for you.

You can come to a place where you actually feel Divine wisdom moving within you. This wisdom to know what is best flows within every atom, cell, and organ of your body temple. Peace fills you - the peace that truly does pass all understanding. You are enlightened by Spiritual Vision, knowing you are being renewed, restored, and revitalized, and that you now have love and new opportunity for your life.

I encourage you to take that little bit of quiet time everyday!

It is a simple investment with maximum yield!

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