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FEAR - From Foe to Friend

If only our only fears were just of witches, ghosts and goblins at Halloween! Oh My! Life would be so easy! However, fear can be a daily strong emotional reaction from a thought that holds a potential danger emotionally and/or physically. Fear is one of the most powerful emotions, and it can quickly destroy our peace of mind. This is true even when our fear doesn’t manifest, and things seem to turn out alright! And they usually do! Strange! Fear is one of the most unpopular conversations, because no one wants to admit a fear. It seems so childish and yet it is so real!

So let’s talk about fear! Our response to a fearful thought can be to physically and/or emotionally flee or freeze. It might just upset our stomach or make us sweat! Regardless it’s a dreadful feeling; you just wish something or someone would sweep you up to safety and handle the situation! It might be occasional or it might be chronic. Either way, fear truly is our foe and never our friend when it controls us.

Testimonies I have heard from those who live with daily fears is that fear begets more fear. It’s almost as if fear acts like a magnet for more of the same thoughts. Now that doesn’t feel fair! Beyond that, it has been shown that what we fear, we tend to attract. We attract ongoing fearful thoughts, even when they are not warranted. The thoughts keep coming back to haunt us. Those thoughts have formed actual grooves in our brain which we can change when we are ready for new thoughts.

It is even a challenge to remain healthy with ongoing fear troubling our minds, since fear attacks us at the cellular level. Where do you feel your fear in your body?

Any time we feel stuck in our ability to manifest a result or a goal, that we desire and deserve, there is a fear lying behind that goal. That fear can keep us from achieving our goal completely or just keep us from achieving our goal comfortably.

Could you take a moment to write down a fear? Might it even be something that at this moment seems silly for an adult, or at this moment doesn’t seem so important? Think about it! Any fear that is our foe controls our life, and certainly controls our emotions. Maybe you fear not being on time, not being appreciated, not being approved by spouse, boss or other. Maybe you fear not getting it “right”, not being perfect, not being enough, not looking “right”! Whether you see it as little or big, isn’t relevant. Got it in your head? Got it written?

What can we do then to make that fear our friend? Let’s start with Jerry Jampolsky’s words, “Fear is the opposite of Love"! Wow! You mean I’m not being Love when I am in fear? Right! I can’t be! They are opposites. So think about this: You are Love. Therefore fear is everything that you are not. So let’s be the Real You again in this “fearful” situation you’ve written, and make “fear the foe” now show up as “fear the friend” and “You as Love”.

Let’s do it!

Take your time and breathe when completing these sentences:

  • I am afraid that ________________________________________________________________

  • If this happens I believe that ____________________________________________________

  • If that happens then I believe that _______________________________________________

  • If that happens then I believe that________________________________________________

  • The Truth is ___________________________________________________________________

These questions are worth writing about also, if you feel ready!

  1. Since the fear is like a wall obstructing your reaching your goal or reaching it comfortably, what does that wall look like? Ex. a mountain, brick wall, a forest? What are you imagining? Really take some relaxing breaths and time to see it and describe it to yourself.

  2. How can you imagine that you would like to get over, through it or around that wall? What is your imagination telling you? Ex. a ladder? a friend? Remember the goal is on the other side of the wall! Take your time!!

  3. Really tell yourself the Truth about this fear.

Let me now tell you the Truth about overcoming my fears. I’ve faced them, and I know that I know that it takes practice over and over and over again for the same type of fear to finally give up its grip. Fear as foe is powerful. Fear as Friend becomes Love, and it is more powerful.

“I deny that my fear of ______________ controls me. I affirm that God and Love are a majority, and I muster up that strength to move forward breathing peace to me and to others. I affirm that any imperfections do not make me less, and I do not deserve blame or shame ever! When I have done my best, it might just be “ok” and that’s OK!!.

God and Love and I Are One! Fear as my friend helps me to GROW and GO!

Then I can say, "I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm and spring forth with a mighty faith to do the things that ought to be done by me.” Charles Fillmore

I love hearing from my readers! Feel free to contact me with your questions or stories!

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