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On the Right Track

My retirement life has been filled with new, interesting, exciting and divinely ordered adventures! Although from my perspective, it has been a slower process than I anticipated, it really is unfolding quite beautifully according to Divine Order. With this Truth I continue to learn to relax, trust and enjoy every moment! That sounds like a practice of our power of Faith! I see that so clearly and am given opportunities to practice that power every day ~ just like this past Saturday.

I was visiting with a friend, excitedly sharing with him my new dreams and goals! It wouldn’t take a genius to figure out that these adventures were going to take a bit of cash! We had a great laugh! So as we wrapped up our visit, I said, “I’m sure I can trust for my needs! I know that whatever money I need to fulfill those dreams will be there in the right time, right place and right way! Today my next step is groceries! No problem!"

So I was off to Sprouts, my favorite fresh food store. I purchased those scrumptious, fresh groceries, and, as I was pushing my cart into the parking lot, something caught my eye! Just past the handicapped parking spaces there was the enclosure for cart return, so as not to obstruct traffic with wildly roaming carts. There on the ground in that space, I saw a huge roll of fresh bills, carefully rolled and bound with rubber bands. Yes, Bills! Yes, Cash! Yes, Huge! I bent down to pick it up, and it was as big a wad as my hand could hold. Oh! My Gosh!

I quickly turned my cart around and headed back to the cashier who had just checked me out. I must admit my heart was pounding (maybe because it was 106 degrees outside!). I waited in line and then explained to the cashier, “I found this in the parking lot where the carts go. Could you please call your manager and let him know? I’m sure someone will be here to claim it.” Several others saw the “wad” I handed over and gasped! My cashier called the manager, and I left the store to go home.

End of Story? Not exactly. Not until I learn the lesson!

It was interesting that I found that cash right after the conversation that I was having with my friend about goals, dreams and cash. There was definitely a message in that for me!

I was thinking:

  • I know this is not my money; I can feel it! It belongs to someone else.

  • When my money comes it will be at the right time, in the right way, and I will know it is mine!

  • I’ve got my sign! The Law of Attraction is working here. What I focus on is attracted into my environment.

  • I can hardly imagine what it must feel like to lose such a LOT of $$!

  • I don’t need to leave my name, because I am trusting the rightful owner will be back.

  • I will visualize that owner is getting it all back, and I feel that Joy!

  • I know that I can never lose what is mine. This is not mine.

  • I have faith and trust that whatever I need, whenever I need it, will always be there for me. Just like that! It will just be there in the right time, place and way!

  • I cannot replace the feelings of honesty, trust and love with cash.


  • The Law of Attraction is always at work!

  • The universe is friendly, and God is Good all the time.

  • It makes for a better world when we exercise Faith and plant seeds of honesty, trust and love!

  • The universe always has our back.

  • There is more good planned for us than we can ever imagine.

  • As Don Miguel says, “Be impeccable with your word." That translates to “Be impeccable with your actions.”

  • I’m on the right track.

The Best Power – Faith!

The best power I could have practiced that day was the power of Faith, trusting that this experience was a symbol of the good that is ready for me in my right time.

I need not question anything other than my own values, words and actions!

When I got home, I told my neighbor my story, and she asked, “What were you thinking?” So I told her what I just told you! “The Power of Faith is King! Honesty, Trust, and Love win every time! My Good comes when the time is right!”

Post Note to those who use Caroline Myss Archetype Cards

The card I pulled after that experience was Judge – Light Attributes:

The archetype of Judge makes decisions. Some are of the Light and some are of the Shadow.

I see this as a decision of the Light.

Judge: “Balancing justice and compassion ~ Managing the fair distribution of power”

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