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Psychology of Change

Are you open minded? Today most people I know are intentional about doing things in a way better today than yesterday. They are open-minded, open to change! Being open minded certainly calls us to do things in a different way than we did before, and that means that we can’t just say, “Oh, I’ve already heard that…" because the question to be asked is, “Have I practiced this?” I may have heard it and know it, but have I integrated it with practice as a part of my life?

Change begins with a commitment to action that takes us from Good to Better and from Better to Best. Practice is the practical application of what I know in a regular consistent way. It takes practice to get to Carnegie Hall, as they say, and it’s no different when it comes to any change or accomplishment we desire. A drawback to change and accomplishment of any kind may be resistance, laziness, intellectual arrogance, or worry about the details of the action required. We don’t want to go there! YIKES!

When we have a true desire for something new, we want to be kind to ourselves by gently and sincerely taking our wisdom and knowledge and applying it actively in a way that will lead to positive results. We stir up the attitude, “I can do this! I can let go of any drawback or distraction! I deserve this!” Admittedly in my own return to taking classes, I’ve needed to remind myself of this repeatedly!

When we take full responsibility for our success, we lean into our inner world to hear the voice of our spirit. One important practice is that we take/make the time each day in silence to allow an inner voice to rise up with thoughts of how great it will feel, when we reach our goal. I must tell you that my experience has proved to me that there is no skipping assigned time in silence and alone time. Yes, we need to practice sitting alone quietly every day, listening to the inner voice. (Sometime I don’t hear anything and that’s perfect too!) Time in our inner world is a vital key to success. Don’t ever tell yourself that you don’t have the time, even though it often seems that we have a logical explanation!

We are each on our own journey to accomplish something important to us, and we can achieve this, making life move from good to better and better to best. My goal is to be the best whole life coach on the planet for all my clients!

I invite you today to write a goal for change in your personal life and take these simple steps:

Relax into your imagination seeing how life will be when you accomplish this goal!

Honor your desire, feeling how it feels when it is accomplished.

Know that your past goof-ups need not stop your having something new in your life. Forgive yourself, if you still need to do that. Never let anyone subvert your success by implying that you are broken, incapable or not enough!

Accept that others in your life may not “get” why your decision to change and do something new is important. Shake it off and carry-on!

Praise your imagination, your desire, and commit to blessing your new practices and actions that will allow you to reach your goal. There is gold in your desire! (Take a look at the Latin derivative - de=of and sire=father.) Where do you think your desire for a new way comes from?

Practice your daily silent time.

Take Action as you are led to meeting your goal. In my situation I’m committed to the needed time to accomplish doing my best in all my classes.

Yes, honor the change you desire and take the actions required to reach it. Whatever your challenges, trust that you are here to live, love, learn, give and grow! This is the way to extend and expand yourself, as you are attentive and vigilant to putting actions to your dream, regardless of what others think. Speak kindly and encouragingly to yourself about how great your dream is and how possible it is to achieve. Recognize how you will serve humanity by the change you make!

I believe in you! Start today! Go for it! Let me know what you accomplish. I’m cheering you on to success!

Enjoy the Change! You Did It!

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