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What Load Are You Carrying?

Ever feel like you’re carrying a load? A load on your back? A load on your mind? Whatever load you are carrying, do you really need to carry it any longer? Maybe “Yes”, maybe “No”!

I remember one day when I made a comment about a frustration I was carrying. My son asked me, “How does that bless you?” I asked, “Bless me? What do you mean? It frustrates me!!” “Well then," he quipped back, “Why are you carrying it?” I hadn’t thought about that. Good question! I remember Byron Katie’s simple brilliance in her question, “Who would you be without that thought?”

My frustrating thought wasn’t blessing me, but it was benefiting my unhealthy ego. In some way it was making me feel good, and in another way it was a load to carry! Yep! My frustrating thought was continuing to make me right and someone else wrong. Somewhere in me it felt good. Did I want to carry this? Was the benefit worth it? Was this justification from my frustrating thought an energy that I wanted to keep carrying?

So I ask myself: “Why AM I carrying this frustration and giving it even more power by speaking it out loud?” Did I want the load with a benefit or no load with a blessing? Oh My! It really was a choice – Load or No Load?

Here’s what came to mind: Since I have an affinity for travel, I often have a carry-on suitcase. At first it seems to feel ok, but, as time goes on, and I continue to drag that load, I question whether or not I really want all that stuff! It’s the same load, but the longer I carry it, the heavier it seems to get – interesting! So maybe my frustration is a load that feels right at first, but wouldn’t I rather unload it and feel relief?


Awareness came to me as I paid attention to my son’s question.

Are you willing to pay attention and are you willing to be aware that you are carrying a load?


I chose to give up the benefit of being right and frustrated (dump the load) for the blessing of relief and a refreshed mind. I would now look in another direction by refocusing my thoughts, reframing my way of thinking and seeing my situation. As a confirmation of this, I was recently on a tour of Earl Young’s amazing mushroom homes in Charlevoix on the shores of Lake Michigan. We were enjoying these remarkable, creative, million dollar homes, the beautiful, clear blue waters of Lake Michigan, the nature-made Petoskey stones in the clean sand, the sound of the waves and the Charlevoix lighthouse. However, our tour guide Edith shared this perspective of choice. “If you now look to the left of the homes and beach area, you will see what is considered the local eye sore, the cement factory! While the locals can be frustrated all they want, they do have a choice in which direction they will look!"

Are you willing to decide to look in another direction and that you will replace frustrating thoughts with thoughts of positivity and gratitude?


I needed to dump the frustrating thought, actively think, see and share my gratitude and for all that is positive in my life.

There is no time to waste carrying a load. Look around you and contemplate the beautiful now. Are you ready to say, “Yes, I AM now looking in another direction!”?

Be aware and know that you have a choice. What action will you take today to unload just one frustrating thought? Go for the blessing!

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