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Embracing Change

We can be sure of one thing in life: change! Change is happening every day, and to keep our lives “running like a top”, we need to literally embrace change. Does the word “embrace” feel like an oxymoron to you? What do you think? When I think of “embrace” I think of holding onto or holding tightly! How do you hold onto something like change? Well, you do by valuing such qualities as flexibility, adaptability, adjustability, curiosity, wonderment, acceptance and love! Embracing these values or qualities will serve you well!

It doesn’t matter what change shows up in your life. You can call it good change or bad change; it is still change. In fact, if we did embrace change and live by those values or qualities, we wouldn’t call change good or bad. It is just change. Resistance to change only guarantees our frustration. Change means that it is time to once again adapt, adjust, be flexible, accept what is, stay curious and be in wonderment. When those values are embraced, we respond to change with non-judgment and love. Whoah! How easy is that? Well, actually without those values, life can be pretty messy some days. So we have a choice here: flex or break! Flexing really does help us “run like a top” under expected or unexpected changes.

How do we do that? Well, first (and frequently) we take a few quiet moments to just breathe and feel the Spirit of God, as we sense the air in our nostrils. Next, we think the thought that this change has come so that we might live, love, learn, give and grow in a whole new way. We think the truth we’ve heard, that the universe has our back, and that a power greater than ourselves is right there in the midst of us. Here we can have an internal conversation that leads us to transformation. The conversation in our head becomes one of acknowledging and living our values that support change. When we intend to embrace change and live love (and all those other necessary values), we do more than survive. We thrive. We become stronger spiritually, and we feel that we are right where we need to be doing what we need to do, fully supported.

As I chose to transition from ministry at the church, I was looking to what might lie ahead. I made a choice to embrace change. From a career perspective, I am having a most fulfilling experience being a “Whole Life Coach” to those who are ready for change or ready to adapt to change. As a “Whole Life Coach”, I have the opportunity and privilege to watch individuals reach the dreams and the desires that they deserve. The Whole Life Coaching Process brings out the very best in people, and it inspires them to easily move to their next desired level in life. Although I loved giving spiritually inspiring messages each Sunday, I have found a new level of appreciation, as I work one-on-one with people in change. I welcome you to contact me to schedule a free, first time coaching session in person or remotely. I guarantee you will enjoy the experience.

As for other changes, the last thing a parent ever wants to hear is that their son or daughter has been in an accident. That is going to bring change that no one consciously chose or expected. So as I transition from living alone to having my son live with me for a few months, while he is healing from a boating accident, I see so many new ways to view an otherwise difficult situation. We are embracing change together, and yet his changes are far greater than mine. We see the miracles. We see the support. We see valuable opportunities to receive, to serve, to connect and to be grateful. We see the inevitability of changing our schedules. Embracing change means going with the flow and not fighting the current, trusting a higher power. Embracing change means looking at things in a whole new way that does not judge. Embracing change means feeling the presence of a higher power in the midst of pain or confusion. Embracing change means your life will “run like a top”, regardless of appearances! Embrace change!


p.s. Another Change... My website domain is now!

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