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Brave, Bold and Courageous or Just a Little Crazy?

I asked myself: "I'm doing WHAT?"

Recently I enrolled as a student at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. I am also focusing on launching , developing and enhancing my new website with some help, of course! What a learning curve this is! At the same time, I am kicking off a new "Whole Life Coaching" career. While still offering opportunities for individuals to experience the freedom that is available through taking the action steps of the Grief Recovery Method, I am continuing to gather the most recent health research and sharing that through my educational classes and monthly newsletter* at Youthful Living, Inc.

Retiring from my position as minister at Unity of Medina (It was a BIG change!)) a new window of opportunity would certainly open for me to continue a ministry in a new way. How would that look? I’m no longer writing and presenting Sunday messages, and I really miss that. However, I have found a somewhat satisfying solution to filling that need: writing and recording blogs such as these several times a week. These blogs are intended to give inspiration and information that will lead individuals to the freedom and the joy that they seek. The blogs relate to life, spirituality and other wholistic aspects of living. Hopefully the blogs are meaningful in your life and offer practical ways of addressing life authentically and enthusiastically.

In the midst of these new times in my life, I really had to ask myself, “Am I brave, bold, courageous, willing and able, or maybe just a little crazy?” The answer straight from my gut was, “I’m all of that, and I’m all in! 100% in! I’m also excited and hopeful because these are steps I’ve wanted to take and have felt led to take for a long time.” I believe they will be meaningful.

We all want to do something meaningful and fulfilling both for ourselves and others, but there are often reasons why we hold back. Sure, it’s hard starting something new! It’s hard being rejected, criticized, and falling short of our intended goals. It’s hard learning something new! But know without a doubt, that by rising to the occasion of pursuing something new and inviting, your soul is growing stronger both for you and for others. You are growing stronger so that you can enjoy your life even more, rediscover who you really are, experience your gifts, know your wholeness and make a significant difference in the world. How great does that feel?

What is it that you wish to explore in life? What is the vision you hold for your future? When you have an idea and a positive feeling about your idea, you are ready to begin the process of pursuing something new and inviting. Yes, you are brave, bold, courageous and even a little crazy too!! That is just what you need to reach the point where you simply take a leap of faith into something that you look forward to doing. It is here that we often find that we release our old feelings of shame, fear and loss of self-esteem. We focus on who we are and not on who we are not! We just go forward with intention, purpose and meaning, and we find that the universe has our backs!

If I didn’t remind myself each day that I am whole, complete and lacking in nothing, I wouldn’t move forward. Affirmations are the finest statements of Truth that give us what we need to do what we’d love to do. It’s time! It’s time to be brave, bold, courageous and a little bit crazy! Affirmation: You are whole, complete and lacking in nothing! What will you do? Please write and let me know!

~ Barbara

*$24 annually

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