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Celestial Power

The morning was beautiful! I snapped a quick sunny photo, as I was exiting my front door to head to the Phoenix airport on my way to Cleveland. My bag was ready and my driver Steve was on time. The baggage attendant at the airport was kind and efficient, verifying my ID, checking my bag and sending me off to gate D6. With plenty of time to spare! It was an awesome morning!

With my TSA pre-check on my airline account, getting through security has become a breeze. However, as I approached security, I was shocked to find that only my boarding pass was with me. No driver’s license! It must have fallen away somewhere between bag check-in and reaching security. But how? They were together in the folder in my carry-on bag. Well regardless, the ID was not where I placed it. With the stunned look on my face, I wasn’t surprised when a security guard, Officer David, approached me to ask how he could help. I explained the mystery, and he very calmly and confidently said, “No problem.” He directed me to retrace my steps (my Fitbit was very happy!), and then if it was not found, I should go to general boarding. He explained that they would ask me a few simple identity questions, and I’d be on my way. No problem. Although that was consoling, I still wanted my driver’s license!

Although I followed Officer David’s suggestion, my gut was telling me that I was not going to find my ID on this morning jaunt through the airport back to baggage check-in. So, I immediately hired the heavens, as I often have reason to do. Upon hiring I was very specific with my directions. I hired the heavens to hand me my driver’s license. I then really felt relieved and grateful. I said “Thank You” many times.

The walk produced nothing, of course, so I headed to general boarding with a happy Fitbit to explain the situation. The agent there started laughing and called out to the agent next to him, “Do you have a driver’s license for this young lady?” (That even got me laughing!). The other agent laughed right along with us and handed me my driver’s license, exactly as I hired the heavens to do!). He said, “Your license is faster than you these days; it got here before you did! Have a great flight, young lady! (He was pushing it, with the young lady :) !) A great flight I did have, as I continued to be grateful for the power that we have to ask and the power of the celestial beings to answer. I’m sure celestial beings are always around, looking for hire. I frequently give them my list (specifically), and they are always ready, willing and available for hire. Just hire the heavens!

Two lessons:

1.) Arrive at the airport early

2.) Hire the heavens for whatever you need, whenever you need it. They’re looking for hire!

I am home now with grateful heart and ID in hand! It really was an awesome day, just as it started out. I wish you an awesome day too! P.S. If you haven’t already read Jean Slatter’s book, Hiring the Heavens (3/10/05) you might want to do so. Thanks to my friend Rev. Joanne who shared this book with me when we were in ministerial school together.

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