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Make Room to Bloom

Spring has sprung and soon you will be seeing lots of garage sale signs! Garage sales are good for the body, mind and spirit! It’s good for the house too! Spring cleaning puts into serious practice the law of vacuum. Nature abhors a vacuum! What happens when you pull weeds? Well, if you don’t put something in their place, weeds come back!

Creating a vacuum puts into practice the power of elimination. Elimination is the release, removal or the letting go of something in order to open a space for something better. Elimination creates that space of vacuum in your life for you to bloom in new and better ways. You might find the need this spring to create a vacuum by eliminating old ways, old things, maybe clothes that no longer fit, activities that you no long enjoy, and even “friends” that were never really friends.

With a clear plan to eliminate things, activities and even people, you make a space for something new to enter your life. No Elimination = Nothing New! Well Thought Out Elimination = Full Bloom in some amazing way! Spring clean in as many ways as you feel led, and then know what it feels like to be in full bloom!

Charles Fillmore, CO-FOUNDER OF UNITY says: “It is just as necessary that one should learn to let to go of thoughts, conditions, and substances in consciousness, body, and affairs, when they have served their purpose and one no longer needs them, as it is that one should lay hold of new ideas and new substances to meet one's daily requirements. Therefore it is very necessary that the eliminative faculty be quickened in one, and a right balance between receiving and giving, laying hold and letting go, be established” (Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, pp. 652-653).

As elimination is necessary to the completion of the digestive process in the body, so elimination of things, activities and people can be important to experiencing the new and amazing feeling of being in full bloom this spring! What, who, how and when will you put into practice the law of vacuum?

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