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In the News - Then and Now

Thinking back to the early 80's, I'm pondering a book that spoke to me in a way that thrust me into changing our family food habits to a healthier way. That book was Consumer Beware by Beatrice Trum Hunter, 1971. I was shocked into change when realizing what harm was (is still) being done to the foods we eat. Even my children's pediatrician told me that if "it" wasn't good for kids, it wouldn't be sold in stores! Really? Thank goodness I found Nature’s Sunshine in February of 1981.

Recently 2017 the "Huffington Post" reminds us that the same "mess" has occurred in out skin care products... even the ones we use on babies and kids! When will we learn? We read that up to 60% of what we put on our skin reaches our blood stream, so keeping nasty chemicals out of our daily routine is critical. Many liquid foundations contain propylene glycol, methylparaben, and propylparaben — all of which can disrupt the endocrine system . The endocrine system manages all biological processes in your body, so you don’t want to mess it up. Your lipstick and mascara may also contain these ingredients.

Since we all want to smell fresh and clean we can be easily tempted to purchase fragrances and deodorants that are not safe... and they will not be labeled as least in the US... Europe is different. Nature's Sunshine has stricter quality control than is required by the FDA. In the US these products typically contain ingredients that are endocrine disruptors, like pthalates and BHA. Pthalates are allowed here in the US, and they are also used as insecticides and wood finishes.

Europe & Canada have now listed over 1300 skin care ingredients that are actually harmful chemicals, and the US has 10 with Triclosan being added as of September 2017! You can very easily avoid ALL these toxins! For germ protection, use NSP’s Silver Shield! Place your order now, or drop me a line and I will get up to date information to you immediately!

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