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Eat, Pray, Love... and what Else?

Did I say, "Tapping - EFT" recently? Did I say, “Tapping – EFT” recently? Yes, I did, and I have been thinking about how many stresses can be relieved by this simple practice. My first introduction to the “Tapping – EFT” exercises was about 20 years ago from my roommate while attending a Heart Math weekend in PA. If you know me, you know that I ordered all Gary Craig’s VCR tapes and written material before I even got home. She gave me amazing stories of her results. And me? I found it worked beautifully on whatever I chose to focus.

Who is Gary? Gary Craig was a student of Roger Callahan, who developed a method of change called “Thought Field Therapy - TFT”, and Gary expanded on Roger’s work. Gary who is a Stanford engineering graduate and an ordained minister is the founder of “EFT”. Interestingly Gary was joined by his daughter Tina in popularizing Tapping. Nick Ortner next expanded the work of Gary in recent years along with his sister Jessica Ortner.

Today many people are using Tapping as a part of their daily routine for better health mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Please be clear that “Tapping – EFT” has not been approved by any medical or governmental authority. However, be clear also, that it offers the potential for very efficient and effective results, when you decide to practice it with the intention of accomplishing anything you may want in spite of apparent limitations.

A holistic approach to our lives, one that is balanced and thoughtful, is our best approach to feeling good. There is no one “fix-it” for anything. Let’s not be delusional!

Because I believe in a holistic approach to making life better, I am in the process of developing a website that offers you just that: Although it is in it’s infancy, if you follow it you will find helpful information and inspiring thoughts. Yes it’s a work in progress. So if you have questions or suggestions regarding mental enlightenment, emotional release, spiritual inspiration, natural physical care or pain relief, I look forward to hearing from you. I intend to build this website (and maybe another soon) to offer you a realistic, uplifting path through life.

Yep! Like Elizabeth Gilbert said, “Eat, Pray, Love”! Take good care of yourself and find your right daily routine!

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