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To Listen to the News or to Not Listen to the News... That is the Question!

"To Be or Not To Be, that is the question..." Shakespeare expresses Hamlet’s sentiments in a remarkable and memorable speech. You might wonder if this has any relevance for us today? Absolutely relevant!

As an English major at Kent State and Lake Erie College, (BA) I can’t say that I always grasped Shakespeare, but, like you, there are quotes from Shakespeare that we all somehow recognize, regardless of our education.So here’s my take for today’s world: Hamlet’s sentiments gave us a very great speech on the topic of “Being” human. He questions which is better, life or death, and is death just a sleep with its own dreams. I can’t say that Hamlet is a very positive thinker! (Take a read and see what you think!) If you are a fan today of “Abraham”, as in Esther Hicks, you have likely considered those questions, and they are important to consider!

As important as these questions are, there is another question that is critical to consider when you awake to this world as a human “Being” each morning: “To listen to the news or not to listen to the news.....that is the question...” Right?

Well let’s look at other questions before we decide the answer to that one! How will I feel if I listen to the news today? What will I do with what I hear? When and with whom will I share it to bless another and bring hope to living this day as a human “Being”...or not? In what way will I become a better human “Being”? Will this raise my energy for “Being”? Will this motivate me to “Being” a better me? Will I be motivated to love more?

My theory is that we are here to live, love, learn, give and grow! If I believe that I can listen to the news, and use it in a positive way, making “Being” a better, more loving experience, then I listen. If I’m in the process of listening, and my zest and love of life is depleting, I need to not listen. If I’m encouraged to live, love, learn, give and grow more, and make a positive difference in my world, then I listen! I consciously decide to do something in the direction of making “Being” more positive.

No matter how long life is, no matter how close or far away death might be, no matter what death is like, I have only today “Being” human. I have only right now, right this minute! How will I use that news if I listen? Will I listen? Maybe “Yes” ... Maybe “No”! I make that choice! It depends on how I feel, and what I can do to make the world a better place today. It depends upon how I will specifically bless and appreciate others in my environment! My loved ones or I may not be here tomorrow! Does the news make me a better “Being” today? Then I will listen. If not I will shut it down.

I intend to make the most of my time as a human “Being”! “To Be or not to Be”, “To listen to the news or not to listen to the news”, those are relevant questions every day, and the answer might change each day! Wishing you the same freedom! Choose wisely!

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