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Now is the time.

create your WHOListic life

Barbara's approach to spiritual guidance and wholistic life coaching recognizes that you are a unique and special individual who deserves the best coach!


Her approach is customized to your individual needs and desires.

Is it time for a New You?  Is is time for letting go of the past?

Is it time for achieving new goals?  Is it time for more joy and satisfaction?

Spiritual guidance and wholistic life coaching are neither therapy nor counseling.

This creative coaching is for healthy individuals who are ready for ready for change!


Inspiration: You will be inspired!

Inspiration is the vision of new possibilities!  Inspiration is the key to creating "The New"!  Inspiration leads to knowing that you really are a genius, and you can create the life of your dreams.  

Information: You will learn from timely information!

You will learn new, timely information that will help you reach your goals in very short order arriving where you deserve to be.

Individualization: You will recognize your power as a one-of-a-kind individual!

You will connect with and be guided by a trusted coach in a one-on-one setting with specific activities that match your individual needs. You will set yourself apart from the crowd, designing the life you want most.

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Information is powerful and I am happy to share a wealth with you for the advancement of

your health and wellness!

You will be challenged to see life in a new way!

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by Design

Design the Life You Really Want!

Find the Joy

Claim Your Power

Be Your Biggest Cheerleader

Make Decisions Confidently

Advance through Dark Times

Attain the Goals You Most Desire



for Teachers

It's Time to

Marvel at Better Results

Gain the Respect You Deserve

Communicate More Effectively

Become a Dynamic Encourager

Enjoy the Value of Healthy Connections

Establish a Caring, Positive Relationship

Hold a Joint Vision with Those You Serve


Transforming Relationships

with Children

Build a New Bridge to

Meaningful Relationships

problem solving    compassion    freedom

confidence    enjoyment    life skills    structure

positivity    connection    cooperation

Wellness Now


Improved Energy and Vitality

Happiness and Greater Self-Image

Better Health Habits

Emotional Balance

The Coach's Coach

Improvement is Assured!

Barbara's professional experience will help you become a better coach for your clients! Learn her inside techniques and strategies she uses daily with her clients to continually enhance her clients' experience and results.

Certified Life Coach

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts


Tel: 216.409.4906

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