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You are a Powerful Human Being!

Get Stuck or Move Forward? Laugh or Cry? Victim or Victor? You Get to Call the Shots!

So who told you that you couldn’t do that? Who told you that your ideas were not feasible? Who put your ideas down just enough to stop you from playing big? What thoughts are you carrying in your head that are stopping you from playing full out in the land of possibilities? That’s the worst!

If you even come close to adhering to the idea that God lives within you, why is it that you would let anything or anyone stop you from pursuing a goal or project? Playing full-out takes believing that what you are pursuing has value. As someone said to our Master-Mind group one time, “It’s time you all put-on your big-girl and big-boy pants and get moving!

When I look at how some minds limit possibilities (including our own), I wonder, “Should I laugh or cry!”

  • In 1943 chairman of IBM said this about computers, “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.”

  • In 1968 an engineer at IBM asked about the microchip, “What is it good for?”

  • A Yale University Management professor, commenting on a paper written by his student, Fred Smith, said, “Your concept is interesting and well-formed, but in order for this paper to earn better than a C, it must be feasible.” Fred Smith moved forward with the ideas that were in his proposal for reliable overnight delivery service, and he created Federal Express.

  • “We told Atari that we’ve got this amazing thing built with some of their parts. What do you think about funding us, or we will give it to you and you can pay us a salary. We’ll work it out for you; we just want to do it. They said, ‘NO’, so we went to HP and they said, ‘NO’; you haven’t been to college.” This story was told by Steve Jobs about the apple computer designed by Steve and partner Steve Wozniak.

  • In 1889 the brilliant Charles Duell, Commissioner of the US Patent Office, was quoted as saying, “Everything that can be invented has already been invented.”

Truly, if you didn’t laugh, you’d cry. For every new idea you have, there is someone who will tell you it won’t work. There is someone who is willing to take your power away. And unfortunately more than once we’ve relinquished our power and our dream or goal.

Why is it that we are willing to let someone else tell us what we can or can’t do? I believe in possibilities! I believe that when things don’t go “right” it isn’t a sign to quit!

Is there an answer? YES!

I believe that sitting in stillness as a spiritual practice, not related to any religion, just making time to be in the silence with your creator every day (after regular, daily discipline) will give you the strength, the thoughts and the ideas that will move you in a right direction. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have challenges or what appear to be set-backs, but the lessons learned will take you to the next step.

I hope that you will adopt a practice of sitting quietly once a day, just being silent, exploring questions, allowing your imagination to float and not sketching a to-do list in your head. Let the Universe feed you. Just sit! If you have questions, then ask in a positive way that shows your mind and heart that you believe that there are amazing possibilities for you. Ask and listen each day, and you will see that this universe supports you by providing you with all you need to solve every question and manifest your dreams. What’s so hard about sitting anyway? You will become more powerful if you do!

More Power to You!


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