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Living Life Skillfully

My intention in writing my blogs is simply stated, “Assisting Individuals in Living Life Skillfully, living with chokhmah or hokhma”. The Hebrew word chokhmah or hokhma is translated as wisdom. It is the ability to judge correctly and to follow the highest course of action based on knowledge and understanding. Wisdom empowers one to make right choices at the right time, and it is a sign of an individual’s spiritual and emotional maturity. Wisdom is a God-given power within that is ready and waiting for you to tap-into and to stir-up right decisions and action. Quite frankly you could say that wisdom is God coming to life in you! Can you think of anything more delightful and rewarding than living life skillfully? Might that be a way that you could enter into life’s situations feeling calm and assured that you could safely take your next step? Doesn’t it also feel like grace and ease?

The messages I have written have, each in their own way, hopefully given my readers ideas that stimulated that power of wisdom within them. When the power of wisdom is ignited, it will lead a person to take a positive action. That positive action is what demonstrates in living life skillfully. The Unity Prayer of Faith by Hannah More Kohaus has a stanza that reads like this:

I now am wise, I now am true,

Patient and kind, and loving, too;

All things I am, can do, and be,

Through Christ the Truth, that is in me.

To me that is living life skillfully, knowing that there is a wisdom within even when we don’t feel it or don’t understand why things are the way they are.

Let’s review a few of the past messages to see if you have found that wisdom in you.

  1. In a recent blog I referred to arriving at a solution by first stopping the struggle to find the solution by taking time off to play music or just to play, thereby allowing the solution to surface, stepping back from the problem. Sometimes it’s not even your problem! Being effective sometimes means thinking out of the box! Go Play!

  2. Earlier I mentioned the importance of accepting that life is difficult or messy and moving forward positively with that understanding. Messy situations seem to just be a normal part of life. How we deal with those is our choice. We can accept the truth of messy and still choose to move through life effectively! Acceptance is not the same as “Whatever”! There is always a way forward. One reader wrote back to say, "With just the thought that life is sometimes messy, I am no longer going to continue feeling down when things look messy." She was no longer going to wait around for things to get better before she could feel better! She could now proceed into life with awareness and acceptance. That’s living life skillfully. Messy Happens! Carry On with Grace and Ease!

  3. Hopefully another message that may have ignited wisdom for you was the blog that encouraged you to embrace change by going with the flow and not fighting the current of “what is”, trusting a higher power. When there is confusion, pain or grief in your life, embracing change is a tool for more than survival, it too for living chokhmah, wisdom. Embrace Change!

Dr. Becky Bailey, one of my wise teachers, says that you will be effective when you practice the following: recognize what is your problem and what is not, keep your tone of voice without drama and be a STAR: Stop, Take a deep breath And Relax!

Your intention to live life skillfully will absolutely lead you in the direction that you desire and deserve. I invite you to consider just how you could skillfully apply these tools specifically to your life situations now.

I invite you to connect with me to share your experiences and ask your questions.


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